#ConnectChat Recap: Insider Tips for Book Promotion

by: Evelyn Tipacti, Community/Media Relations Specialist, ProfNet

On Tuesday, July 8, we hosted our latest #ConnectChat, "Insider Tips for Book Promotion" with Sandra Poirier Smith, president of Smith Publicity, an international book marketing company based in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Sandra discussed the differences between advertising and publicity, the importance of bloggers, specific media outlets interested in books and much more.

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  1. i appreciate the info i have received from you employee, sorry cannot remember her name.. anyway, i am considering putting my book in the Frankfurt fair and the California fair… it is a book about Sardinia/Sardegna, The Spirit of an Ancient Island, THe Art and Architecture of the Pre-Nuragic and Nuragic Cultures'.
  2. Smith Publicity
    Thanks for reaching out. You probably talked to Kathy. For more information please contact her at!

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