Podcast: Building your author brand [Guest: Bernie Schroeder, author: Brands and Bullsh*t]

We're joined by Bernie Schroeder, the author of Brands and Bullshit, to talk about author branding. We talk about how to build your author brand long before your book hits shelves, why having an "author brand" is important, and how to feel comfortable with yourself as a brand. Schroeder also speaks about how he landed a coveted TedTalk.

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Host/Producer: Andrea Kiliany Thatcher

2 Responses

  1. La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman I always find it a little nerve-wracking when an author returns to a successful series after a long time away. There’s always the fear, for me at least, that one of two things is going to happen: either the author will be nostalgic about the original work to the extent that s/he makes the new book into a fawning tribute without substance, or the author will have changed enough in the time between installments that the magic is just gone.
  2. Hi David, I have to say I did not, personally. There was a negative stigma surrounding the self-published" author, however I believe that things are slowly changing. The appeal of an SP book to a publisher depends on a variety of factors. Firstly a publisher will be more swayed to discussion if the book (and author) in question has already proved its own worth; whether that be with a majority of good reviews/ratings, a professional profile and the author already has some form of a readership/following. From a publisher"s perspective that makes sense, because it"s quite possible for any author to do this, and many have. If an author throws a book online then reaches out to a publisher, his vantage point will be- so what efforts have you made to sell this if you"ve gone ahead and published it? The self-published author"s marketing efforts are reflected online and this is always taken into strong consideration by any publisher. The last thing publishers want is to be rescuing" the multitude of self published books out there.

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