Business Book Marketing and Author Promotion

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Promoting business books is not just about books…it’s about showcasing authors and their expertise to the media with customized and proven author marketing tactics.

Business authors have various goals. Many are looking to build their name as an expert in their field, attract new business opportunities, and, of course, sell books. Smith Publicity has promoted hundreds of business authors, perfecting book marketing techniques and author promotion strategies that have worked time and time again.

More Than Author Promotion:
The Book as a Business Card

Smith Publicity founder Dan Smith was interviewed by Inc. magazine years ago about a new marketing tool: using the book as a business card. A business book author uses her book and media coverage as a powerful credibility-enhancing addition to a book-marketing arsenal. Smith Publicity business authors, some of who have been with us for years, have found such credibility attracts new clients and can substantially increase their income as a consultant, advisor, trainer or upper-level manager.

When promoting business books, we incorporate the elements of a traditional book publicity campaign with proven author marketing services techniques to enhance reputations and brand authors.  The goal always remains: make it as easy as possible for media to cover the author, her book and ideas.

Goals for business book promotion campaigns:

  • Enhance author reputation in field of expertise
  • Showcase author knowledge and experience
  • Highlight the successes of the author’s company or consulting business, or enhance an employee’s credentials
  • Attract new business opportunities and speaking or writing engagements
  • Create awareness about the book to spark sales
  • Secure a better return on investment as opposed to book advertising

In business book publicity campaigns, we target print (magazine and newspaper), broadcast (television and radio) and online outlets in media markets throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and/or select English-language media outlets worldwide. We also focus on an author’s local and regional media.

Media coverage may include book listings/mentions/excerpts, feature stories and articles, trend pieces, author profiles, radio interviews, TV interviews, blog mentions, and byline and expert commentary opportunities.

Bylined articles are often important when promoting business experts. The author writes articles about a topic related to the book. It can be a “how to,” “top five tips” or case study where the author showcases how his ideas and expertise solve a problem. We pitch the articles for placement in targeted media outlets, and create plans for the author to write additional articles, provide expert commentary, and contribute to blogs to reach their ideal audience.

International Author Marketing Services

Why consider international media exposure? International media coverage is appealing for many authors interested in attracting business worldwide. Even when acquiring international clients is not a priority, authors have found this coverage especially valuable in enhancing their credibility.

Long Lasting Impact of Media Coverage: Something Book Advertising Can’t Provide

Media coverage can be effectively utilized and leveraged long after radio interview or television segments are aired or feature articles or stories are published. “As seen on…” or “As featured in…” can be used throughout a career with tremendous success. Put simply: media coverage impresses. Unlike book advertising, press coverage develops the most powerful promotional asset of all: credibility.

Articles and resources for authors/publishers

  • Author of Retire in a Weekend!

    Losey’s book breaks down retirement advice to help readers plan for financially secure and happy future.

    Top media interest: Wall Street Journal, ABC News Now, Fox Business, CNN, Businessweek, Kiplinger’s, the CBS Evening News, Oprah and Friends and hundreds of radio interviews, magazine articles and blogposts.

    “My relationship with Smith Publicity is at the core of my marketing machine…it has resulted in a 99% client retention rate, new clients, speaking opportunities, and more press. Looking forward to another great year!
    Bill Losey

  • Author of Selling to the C-Suite

    Read’s book showcases how executives get involved in the corporate buying cycle, and what salespeople need to do to become trusted advisors at that level.

    Top media interest: Forbes, CNBC, MSNBC, USA Today, The Small Business Advocate, Selling Power, Leadership Excellence, Investor’s Business Daily, UK Business News, and Brilliant Results (Cover).

    “Smith Publicity knows this game…I’m confident ‘The Smith Effect’ was a factor in nearly half a million dollars of new business.”
    Nic Read

  • Author of The Inspiration Factor

    Terry’s book shows businesspeople how to inspire—not just motivate—others by tapping into their dreams and tying them to corporate goals.

    Top media interest: BusinessWeek, The Globe and Mail, Forbes, USA Today, Dow Jones, Associated Press, CNN, CNBC’s Power Lunch,

    “I consider my investment in Smith Publicity as an investment into building my personal brand that will yield fantastic returns for a long time to come.”
    Terry Barber

  • Author of Built to Sell

    John’s book provides the steps to making a business sellable today, tomorrow or ten years from now.

    Top media interest: TIME (full page bylined article), The Wall Street Journal, INC (regular contributor), ABC News Now, CNN, Bloomberg News, Thomson Reuters,

    “Smith Publicity has far exceeded even the very high expectations I had when I hired them…look no further if you want the best—Smith Publicity is it.”
    John Warrillow

  • Briefcase Essentials

    This exciting saga and energizing guide roots for women to succeed and urges them to use Susan’s proven approach to tackle business issues and situations by relying on their innate talents (explained and highlighted as twelve “Briefcase Essentials”).

    Top media interest: Oprah (television), Time magazine, Publisher's Weekly, NPR's "Tell me More," Sports IllustratedLos Angeles Times.

    "Hiring a publicist is like choosing a partner.

    What credentials and qualities did I look for?
    1. Solid contacts and relationships with media;
    2. Drive, determination, creativity, intelligence, and excellent people skills;
    3. Responsiveness;
    4. An ability to execute the author’s articulated goals; and
    5. Capacity to maintain a positive and winning attitude throughout the campaign.

    My representative at Smith Publicity, Kate Knapp, is that 'partner.'"
    Susan T. Spencer