Power Book Publicity Tips for December 2012

It’s been an amazing year here at Smith! We developed wonderful new partnerships with companies like Wiley, Harvard Business Press, Ellora’s Cave – the largest romance publisher in the world, Writer’s Coffee Shop (the original publishers of Fifty Shades of Grey) and many other talented clients. Our publicists managed to land clients in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune as well as over the airwaves on Fox Business, BBC Radio 4, CNN, and The Steve Harvey Show.

But perhaps best of all, we celebrated our 15th year of book publicity and marketing by adding new services and completing our 1,500th campaign. Throughout it all, the Smith Publicity Team has continued to provide top-notch services and develop new ideas to better promote the work of our authors.

As we fondly wave farewell to 2012, everyone at Smith is excited for what developments the New Year will bring!

In this issue:

  • Make Your Book Jump Off the Shelf! 12 Initiatives to Spark Book Sales and
Make the Most out of a PR Campaign
  • Author Rich Rubino on Why He Loves Smith Publicity
  • End of the Year Recap: Our New Suite of Service in 2012
  • Display Your Book at the ALA’s Midwinter Meeting

Make Your Book Jump Off the Shelf! 

12 Initiatives to Spark Book Sales and Make the Most out of a PR Campaign

By Sandra Poirier-Diaz, President of Smith Publicity, Inc.

Even Pippa Middleton is not immune to book sales woes. As widely reported, sales of Pippa’s book—even with the best distribution, publicity and name recognition—have fallen flat. If HER sales are disappointing, what can authors who do not have the benefit of famous relatives or name recognition do to sell books?

For most authors, book sales are an important part of why they write a book. They want to entertain, educate, inspire or simply share their artistic work—and perhaps make money from the venture. For authors who are using their “book as a business card” to increase their name recognition as an expert in their field or to attract new opportunities, book sales are typically a lower priority as they want to make money from consulting projects, speaking engagements, etc.

Book publicity, by definition, is using the media to create attention for the title, topic and author in the form of an interview, article, feature story, blog post, review, recommendation, and so on. Publicity is one initiative an author/publisher undertakes to help create awareness about a title. However, publicity alone is one part of a bigger strategic plan necessary to give a book and author a better chance for significant sales.

Author Rich Rubino on Why He Loves Smith Publicity

I was inspired to write my book due to a congenital interest in American Politics.  I am a voracious reader of all things political, and in particular enjoy political trivia.  Finding no really good political trivia book in the market place, I decided to write my own.  After much interesting research, I came up with a book that not only highlights interesting political trivia, but also includes hundreds of short stories about bizarre and fascinating political actors, political contests and political events.  On top of this, I included hundreds of pictures to complement the stories and political figures.

Prior to the campaign, my book had little traction and received little attention from the press.  This all changed however after signing on with Smith Publicity. Within the first few weeks of becoming a Smith client, my newly assigned agent, Sophia Lazare, got me important interviews with MSNBC, Fox News Edge, Al Jazeera, and many radio stations throughout the country.  In addition, my political articles have garnered national exposure in esteemed publications.  These include The Huffington Post, The Detroit News, and the Indianapolis Star.  This is more than I ever dreamed possible.  None of this would have happened without the diligent effort of Sophia and the Smith team.

My favorite moment of the campaign was going to MSNBC to do an interview about the Electoral College, and finding out that Al Jazeera wanted to interview me right after that.  It showed me that I was making real progress in making a name for myself within media circles. My voice was finally being recognized.


Rich Rubino is the author of The Political Bible of Little Known Facts in American Politics and the Managing Editor of the political blog www.Politi-Geek.com


End of the Year Recap: Our New Suite of Services in 2012

NetGalley Book Review Service

Ebooks are on the rise, so why not make it easier to get your digital title in the hands of reviewers, bloggers, and other media professionals? Effective as both a stand-alone service or part of a comprehensive publicity campaign, uploading a book to NetGalley offers authors the chance to reach media outlets with just the click of a mouse. Check out our article, “Top Five Reasons We Love NetGalley” for more information!

Amazon Optimization and Top Reviewer Service

Authors and publishers often wonder how to make their book stand out online. As more and more books are published each year—1.5 million in 2011 traditionally and self-published according to Bowker—the competition and clutter in the marketplace has increased dramatically.With so many titles available, how do you increase the chances that readers find YOUR book among the millions for sale on Amazon?

Smith Publicity works with experts to provide Amazon Optimization and Amazon Top Reviewer services designed to attract readers to your profile on Amazon and entice top Amazon reviewers in your genre to complete and post reviews to your Amazon page(s).

Film Treatment Service

For all those itching to make the jump from the page to the big screen, we’ve launched a Film Treatment Service. A treatment “shows” the reader what the book would like as a film. If the reader can: a) visualize the story presented in the treatment, and b) likes the story presented therein, the book has a chance to make it through the processes, which eventually may lead to a film.

Miss any of these announcements? Interested in learning more about our services? Please contact us at info@smithpublicty.com or 856.489.8654 x306 for more information.

2013 American Library Association Midwinter Meeting

January 25-28

Seattle, Washington

The American Library Association is the largest and most encompassing group representing and lobbying for the national library industry. ALA Midwinter has 8-12 thousand making up an attendance that includes library staff of all levels from across the country and the spectrum of librarians (public, private, school, research, etc). A reported 82% of the attendance of the show play a role in the purchase of books alone! While almost half of the attendees of ALA Midwinter represent institutions with over $5 million in operating expenses, the opportunity is huge. With the additional exposure that CBE’s seniority granting us a great location, your titles will appear front and center for this very influential audience-and audience who set an attendance record the last time the fair was in Seattle! ALA Midwinter is a great marketing outlet, and at the start of the year, makes for a great way to begin a new year of marketing!

Please note the deadline to register your book is January 4th!

To register or for information or questions, email cbe@smithpublicity.com. Price is $275 per book.