5 Ideas for A Bookish Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and every book publicist worth their wannabe-rolodex is finding unique ways to romance readers and the media. Holidays can provide authors with fun, timely ways to get their book into the spotlight and boost sales for people looking to buy gifts. Even if romance isn’t at the heart of your book, here are some author publicity ideas to help you

  • For business authors: Next to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the most expensive holiday in the U.S. so consider writing a byline or pitching an interview about how the holiday affects sales, marketing, etc.
  • For self-help authors: What’s more important than love? Valentine’s Day offers up a whole host of issues, from lonely-hearts to stressful relationships.
  • For children’s authors: Holidays are a great time to look into “best of” lists, especially on blogs for parents. Even if you don’t talk about young love, chocolates, or red and pink cards, there are still plenty of topics that are tied to February 14th. Consider topics such as sharing or friendship.
  • For history authors: Do a little research to see what happened on this day in history, which is a useful move year-round. If you’ve written about a different culture or tradition, why not offer to discuss their romantic holidays with the media?
  • For romance writers: While V-Day may seem like a no-brainer for book publicity, be prepared to face a lot of competition for attention. Rather than discuss the love of your main characters, consider offering relationship advice based on your characters or romantic ideas for couples.

Remember: Give yourself a 1-3 month lead time to pitch your holidays ideas to the media. While some outlets will be looking for stories right up to their deadline, others will be planning their content well in advance.