Tips for Author Websites

An essential part of a book marketing campaign is having a professional and compelling author website.  When deciding to start a website or update your current website, there are some important things to keep in mind.  Smith Publicity President, Sandy Diaz, gives authors these tips:

  • Start with an “About the author” page. This allows readers and fans to know a little bit more about who you are and your personality.  Adding your bio and other personal facts make you a more personable.

  • On your home page be sure to display your book cover and places readers can buy the book.  “Calls to action” really do work! Try linking to your Amazon or Barnes and Noble page so people can buy your book right from your site.

  • Have an “About the book” page. For fiction books, having downloadable sample chapters is a great teaser for readers and could spark their interest in the book.  For non-fiction works, having the table of contents available is a great overview of the book.

  • Invest in a website; don’t use free one loaded with ads.  Having a nice, clean, ad-free website will show your professionalism.

  • Keep the font clean and in some cases, even try to mimic the font on the cover of your book.  Your website is suppose to represent your book and creativity.

  • Also, as soon as you know you are writing a book, start planning your website.  Having a website is great tool you can use in book publicity.  If you are planning on hiring a book publicist, be sure to have a website.  Publicists routinely direct media to author websites.