Answers to 15 Common Questions About Book Marketing & Book Publicity

If you've recently written or published a book, then you likely have questions about book marketing and publicity. Take a look at our answers to 15 common book promotion questions: Why do authors need publicity? Simple: Without book publicity or some type of book marketing, how else will people know about your book? There are…
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The Importance of Author Promotion in Book Marketing

If you've recently published a book, then you've probably spent hours surfing the web for the best book promotion techniques. While creating a distinctive cover and generating book reviews are positive strategies, marketing your book goes well beyond that. There are nearly 1 million books published every year in America alone, so what can you…
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Author Social Media: Getting Started Tips

While there are volumes of information on social media marketing and specific advice for authors. Here are the top five pieces of advice for authors on social media: Starting Up: start small, get on one or two platforms and build from there. It’s best to have a solid presence on one or two before building…
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