5 Questions with Book Designer Neil Gonzales

Neil Gonzales is the art director for Greenleaf Book Group, an independent publisher and distributor. Greenleaf partners with authors on every aspect of product development including the ever-important book cover. As the leader of Greenleaf’s design team, Neil ensures that every author’s project meets the highest quality standards. Since he joined the company in 2007, he…
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Boost Your Book Marketing Brainstorm

[caption id="attachment_5559" align="aligncenter" width="677"] Team members Corinne Moulder, left, Sarah Miniaci, Janet Shapiro, and Marissa Madill, during a Smith Publicity brainstorming session.[/caption] When it comes to book marketing—or any kind of marketing, really—the brainstorming session plays a critical role in strategy development, campaign direction, and overall efficiency and effectiveness. At Smith Publicity, we review all…
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