What book clubs read – insight and analytics from BookBrowse

Book clubs can be an integral part of your book marketing plan, providing valuable word of mouth book publicity. BookBrowse is a community for book clubs and book lovers which researches who is reading what. Statistically speaking, 70% of clubs read fiction most of the time. However, it is too simplistic to assume (as some…
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The Future-Proof Workplace in The Washington Post

The Future-Proof Workplace was recently featured in The Washington Post in an article entitled ‘If you’ve got a good life, why throw it out?:’ More very old Americans are working full-time. “We’re living longer lives, and we’re also living healthier lives, and that’s allowing a lot of us to work into our 70s and 80s, not…
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Which Is Better? Retainer-Based Book Publicity or Pay-Per-Placement

 It’s a debate that doesn’t have a right or wrong answer when it comes to book promotion. Retainer book promotion or pay-per-placement (PPP): Which is better?  Pay-Per-Placement  An author pays nothing for PPP up front, and only pays if a book publicist obtains media coverage. If no coverage is acquired, then no fee is paid.…
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