The Future-Proof Workplace in The Washington Post

The Future-Proof Workplace was recently featured in The Washington Post in an article entitled ‘If you’ve got a good life, why throw it out?:’ More very old Americans are working full-time.

“We’re living longer lives, and we’re also living healthier lives, and that’s allowing a lot of us to work into our 70s and 80s, not because we have to, but because we want to,” said Linda Sharkey, co-author of “The Future-Proof Workplace,” a book on helping businesses prepare for the future. “We have a president who’s 70 years old, and by all accounts, I guess he thinks on his feet.”

High profile media placements in top-tier newspapers are a great way to enhance your book marketing strategy. But don’t feel limited to book reviews or personal profiles, participating in an informational interview as a lead source in a feature on a topic related to your book.