Thank you, Steve Harvey! My Memo to Smith Publicity Employees

Steve Harvey is having a rough time, all because of a heartfelt, if somewhat stern memo he sent to his employees. (see the story here.) I feel for Steve, and in a show of support, I've followed suit and issued my own memo. I feel your pain, Steve. :) ----- Good afternoon, Smith Publicity employees.…
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The pros and cons of paid book reviews

by Andrea Kiliany Thatcher, Book Publicist  When an indie or self-published author doesn't have a major marketing machine behind them, and doesn't have professional bound galleys of their book ready 6-9 months in advance, the lure of paid reviews can be intriguing. (Heck, the lure of paid reviews is intriguing when you do have those…
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Happy Endings for Authors—How to Make Your Publishing Contract Work For You

by Denise Gibbon, Publishing Consultant and Attorney at Law, Above the Dotted Line Though most authors would laugh at the thought, a story and a publishing contract have a lot in common. Just as a story includes fictional or true-life characters, setting, plot and conflict, a contract has all the same elements. In the legal world, we disguise…
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