Sandy Smith contributes to Fit Small Business’s Top 25 Public Relations Tips From The Pros

By Anna Dizon, reprinted with permission from Fit Small Business

Public relations has evolved from being just a sales strategy to an art form. Most small businesses may not have the means to hire a PR firm or PR specialist, but that doesn’t mean their public engagement should be lackluster.

Here are the top 25 public relations tips from the pros:

Public Relations Tips

Solidify Your Key Messages

Leigh Barer, Owner, Barer Communications

The foundation of any PR program is that you should clearly communicate your key messages.

Your PR program’s key messages are the most important things you want your target audience to know about your product or service. You know you have solid key messages when:

  • Your key messages emphasize your company’s core strengths and uniqueness, and are backed by substantial supporting information.
  • They are woven throughout ALL of your content and communication with employees, reporters, investors, board members, industry analysts, etc.
  • Your key messages remain consistent when telling your brand story.

Remember that in a PR program, what you say is more important than the tools you put to work to say it. 

Public Relations Tips

Identify What Makes News (Newsworthy)

David E. Rudolph, Senior Managing Partner, D. Ericson & Associates Public Relations

All news is not newsworthy. Small businesses need to understand that the newsroom and news cycle is a competitive arena where publicists and corporate communicators are fighting to position stories that could become news. To win the battle to get your story in print, radio, television or in social media is to understand how to vet internal stories and pick the right one to pitch to the media. Story curating, and vetting is step one!

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Public Relations Tips

Write Byline Articles that Show Your Expertise

Sandra Poirier Smith, President, SmithPublicity, Inc.

Byline articles are articles written by a business owner, expert, etc. that are “how to” in style or reveal inside secrets. It is NOT a direct self promotion piece, but leads with content and actionable information for target readers. Media outlets—print and online—pick these articles up (sometimes, but not often, even offer the writer a small a fee) and give full credit to the article’s author. A short bio is often included along with the company name, social media handles, website, books written, upcoming event, etc.

Once an article placement occurs, the business owners can then use this valuable coverage to rebroadcast links to the article on their website/blog and social media platforms, and update marketing collateral and their bio (“as featured in ABC magazine”), all of which builds their personal brand and credibility while increasing visibility for their business.

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