5 Reasons a Book Can Be the Most Powerful Marketing Tool for Business Owners, Consultants and Experts

by Dan Smith

Increasingly, business owners, consultants, experts and thought-leaders are publishing books. But often, book sales are of little concern to them. A book and media coverage resulting from book marketing can be incredibly powerful tools. From lead generation and consulting opportunities to speaking engagement offers and direct sales, publishing a book related to your field of expertise can be a game-changer.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Having a book, whether it is self-published or traditionally published, provides instant credibility, and “proves” that you are an expert in your area. Consider two consultants vying for the same opportunity. One has great credentials, and the other also has great credentials and is the author of a book about his area of consulting expertise. Who is more likely to win this opportunity?
  • Media coverage provides credibility. There’s a reason companies often have “As Seen on TV” on their products, sometimes even when it was a paid TV advertisement! Media coverage proves credibility, particularly when it is earned coverage. Being featured in major business publications or vertical market outlets, or interviewed on regional and national TV is gold for business owners, consultants and experts. The sheer power of “as featured in the Wall Street Journal,” for example, can’t be over-estimated. Showcasing media placements on an author website is always impressive!
  • Thought–leader establishment. Again, if you author a quality book offering advise in your area of expertise, you are a thought-leader in that area. Your book elevates your reputation as an expert and leader.
  • Marketing collateral. If you’re conducting proactive business development outreach to your target business segment, sending collateral material with a book makes you stand out. The book has in many ways replaced the old-fashioned brochure. The book is your business card and brochure.
  • Additional opportunities. Media coverage for business experts can do more than attract clients and enhance expert recognition. Some authors who get significant media are offered opportunities as regular contributors to a publication, some times paid contributors. The same applies to interviews on radio and TV. Many of the regular experts you see on national TV shows – whether it’s an expert on personal finance and investing, a psychologist providing advice on family relationships, or someone who discusses great travel and vacation ideas – got these opportunities by first appearing as guest interviews.