New Podcast Episode: Working With a Writing and Publishing Mentor – With Tiffany Hawk

In a wide ranging and information-packed conversation, writing coach and mentor Tiffany Hawk talks with Dan, discussing various elements of the writing and publishing process. From book proposals for agents and developing a compelling book, to book sales and different publishing models, this episode is perfect for all types of authors.

Whether self or traditionally published, fiction or non-fiction and for writers any stage of a publishing journey, Tiffany’s insights, tips and guidance are invaluable.

Tiffany Hawk is a traditionally published author and writing coach who helps aspiring writers “go pro.” Her clients have finished books, landed agents, won awards, self-published, and traditionally published with big New York presses. No matter how a client reaches readers, she wants their book to be as good as what you see on the front tables of bookstores.

Tiffany is a former flight attendant and the author of Love Me Anyway, a darkly funny novel about coming-of-age at 35,000 feet, published by St. Martin’s Press. She has an MFA from UC Riverside, several years’ experience as an editor at Maggie award-winning Coast magazine, and her essays and stories have appeared in such places as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, Story Quarterly, The Week, National Geographic Traveler, and on NPR’s “All Things Considered.