Self-published book marketing services by Smith Publicity received an all time high of unique visitors in 2019

Self-Published Authors Seek Our Advice in Record Numbers

Our free online advice pages for self-published authors were the most in-demand topic when we tallied up the yearly figures of our Smith Publicity website. In the past year alone, more than 10,000 people visited two service pages for self-published authors. It’s clear these higher numbers fit in with the continuing fast growth of self-published […]

5 Interesting Facts About … Lindsey Brodowski

At Smith Publicity, we want clients to know that we’re real people; each with interesting backgrounds, some odd hobbies and interests, strange backgrounds, and all kinds of fascinating things! At too many companies, when a visitor goes to an “About Us” page there are no names, no faces, no people … nothing but the text […]

Lynn Johnton describes her experiences as a literary agent to book marketing expert Mike Oronato of Smith Publicity.

New Podcast Episode – What It’s Like to Work With a Literary Agent

In this episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, we talk to literary agent Lynn Johnston about how authors can work with agents, what they can do to get noticed, published and other tips and tricks including the importance of platform, social media, and author websites. Lynn talks about trends she is seeing and […]

Mike Onorato Vice President of Publicity Services, Smith Publicity, Inc.

Preparing Your Book Marketing Campaign for Success

Preparing for Success: 7 Facts About Book Marketing Campaigns Every Author MUST Know By Mike Onorato Congratulations! You’ve finished your manuscript, turned it into your editor or self-published your book and now you’re done and ready for media to come knocking and the sales to start, right? Wrong. Writing a book is just the first […]

New Podcast Episode – A Discussion of Publishing Options

In this episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, Vice President of Publicity Services and host Mike Onorato talks to Sarah Miniaci, Senior Book Publicist and Business Development Associate at Smith Publicity and gets her take on the various options for authors to publish their book – traditional, hybrid or self and the pros […]

Tips for Gaining Media Interest in the U.S. and Canada as a Foreign Author

by Mallory Campoli, Publicity Manager, Smith Publicity As an international author, positioning your book to intrigue American readers is not as difficult as you may think. Information is more accessible than ever, and the media is always hungry for content. In order to successfully go global, it’s crucial to understand your target audience and identify […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About UK Book Marketing but Were Afraid to Ask…

by the Midas PR team, a leading publishing, arts and cultural PR agency in the UK Smith Publicity and Midas PR, two leaders in the book publicity industry, regularly partner together on book marketing and publicity campaigns to ensure a book launch extends into key book buying and influential markets. Below, they share eight insights […]

Sandy Smith on Preparing for a Book Publicity Campaign – All Things Book Marketing Podcast

Smith Publicity President and industry thought-leader Sandy Smith is interviewed on this episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, and discusses how authors can prepare for, and maximize the results of a book marketing, book publicity and book promotion campaign. Great insights from one of the industry’s most innovative experts! TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the […]

Three Main Publishing Paths for Authors – Sandy Smith

Smith Publicity President and book marketing industry thought leader Sandy Smith discusses the three main publishing options for authors. — TRANSCRIPT: Hi, my name is Sandy Smith and I am the president here at Smith Publicity. What I do here is talk to authors almost every day and a big question I get is the […]

Marketing tips for authors on working with book cover designers.

How an Author and Book Cover Designer Work Together

The importance of a book cover can’t be overstated. A cover can make or break the book marketing and book publicity process, and affect how many readers pick your book up off the shelf.  You have a vision for your book, but communicating that vision to the person designing your book can be difficult. We […]