“All Things Book Marketing” Podcast: The New Normal of Covid-19 – How Authors Can Engage Their Audiences

In this episode, Mike Onorato talks with author, speaker and publishing veteran Dean Karrel about authors and all of us navigating the new normal  in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, digital learning platforms, shifting from in-person events to web events and how to change your plans during these tumultuous times.     On the […]

Mike Onorato Vice President of Publicity Services, Smith Publicity, Inc.

Preparing Your Book Marketing Campaign for Success

Preparing for Success: 7 Facts About Book Marketing Campaigns Every Author MUST Know By Mike Onorato Congratulations! You’ve finished your manuscript, turned it into your editor or self-published your book and now you’re done and ready for media to come knocking and the sales to start, right? Wrong. Writing a book is just the first […]

New Podcast Episode – A Discussion of Publishing Options

In this episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, Vice President of Publicity Services and host Mike Onorato talks to Sarah Miniaci, Senior Book Publicist and Business Development Associate at Smith Publicity and gets her take on the various options for authors to publish their book – traditional, hybrid or self and the pros […]

Sandy Smith on Preparing for a Book Publicity Campaign – All Things Book Marketing Podcast

Smith Publicity President and industry thought-leader Sandy Smith is interviewed on this episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, and discusses how authors can prepare for, and maximize the results of a book marketing, book publicity and book promotion campaign. Great insights from one of the industry’s most innovative experts! TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the […]

Smith Publicity book promotion services. Picture showing a book publicist at work

Discussion About Foreign Rights: “All Things Book Marketing” Podcast

In this episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast we talk to Ashley Mabbitt, who has been in foreign rights in publishing for nearly 20 years. We discuss the Frankfurt Book Fair, what questions authors should be asking about foreign rights, what markets are growing fastest and how foreign rights has changed in the […]

Dr Alan Zimmerman on how to destress, reenergize. All things book marketing podcast by Smith Publicity

Help for Stressed-Out Authors

All Things Book Marketing Podcast       Help for Stressed-Out Authors: How to De-Stress, Re-Energize, and Re-Balance Your Life by Alan Zimmerman TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the Smith Publicity, All Things Book Marketing podcast. The best tips, insights, and advice from the best in the publishing industry. Dan Smith: Hi, this is Dan Smith, and […]

Some of the different kinds of book marketing campaigns offered by Smith Publicity

Book Marketing Programs Available from Smith Publicity

When it comes to how to market a book, few firms can match the expertise and experience we have at Smith Publicity.  “Effective book marketing means adapting to industry changes, and ideally staying ahead of these changes,” says Smith Publicity CEO Dan Smith. “Our service offerings are always evolving because the media landscape is always […]

8 Ways Book Trailers Help Book Marketing

How Book Trailers Can Help with Marketing Book trailers are brief promotional videos that are excellent content for multiple platforms online. When produced and placed well, they can help increase the visibility of any book or author online. They play an increasingly valuable role in book marketing and borrow their name from movie trailers. Trailers […]

Self-Promotion Advice for Authors

Author Promotion Can be Successful and Tactful Self-promotion, for most authors, is a daunting proposition. It can be a cringe-worthy endeavor with fears of embarrassment, ego-deflation, and awkward moments. Author promotion in the form of telling people how great your book is doesn’t come naturally for many people. The traditional wisdom is to let others […]

Booktube is a good place for authors to promote their books.

Does BookTube Help Promote Books Effectively?

By Hope Holroyd, Publicity Assistant Is BookTube valuable to book marketing? It’s a question on the minds of many authors and publishers who have heard success stories about promoting books on BookTube.  First off, what is it? BookTube is a subset of the YouTube Community providing book-specific content from numerous creators. Since it began around […]