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Smith client tells ‘why publicists are worth the expense’

Anne Montgomery is a former TV journalist and the author of The Scent of Rain. She is also a Smith Publicity client! She recently penned a blog for her Web site that we wanted to share. A lot of authors considering book marketing wonder if professional book publicity services are worth the expense. Anne says…
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How to Keep Blogging Simple—5 Tips for Authors

by Cari Bennette It’s hard to know when to stop sometimes, isn’t it? Over the last few years, it’s been drilled into our heads that we must deliver outstanding content to be a successful blogger. If we don’t, Google will reject us.  And no one wants to be rejected by Google. So we add a…
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Authors and the Blame Game

I'm not in a good mood today. I have only myself to blame. I regularly take on more than I can chew, spread myself too thin, and then wind up stressed and unhappy. My fault. My bad. Apparently I must crave this way of living, because I keep doing it to myself, over and over.…
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