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It’s TV Time! Prepping For a National TV Interview

by Marissa Eigenbrood, Director of Operations and Business Development Associate Whether it’s Ellen, Dr. Oz, Today or GMA, most authors dream of having their moment on the small screen. National television interviews can be a wonderful book publicity opportunity to build awareness for an author or expert. I recently had the opportunity to accompany a…
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Author Media Relations Training A Smart Investment

After an author spends time and money to write and produce a book, a smart investment is to prepare for any media opportunity by investing in author-specific media relations training, tailored to the author’s book. A new author may have to handle guest appearances on television shows, radio stations, interviews for magazines, and newspapers, and…
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Self–Promotion Tips When Reaching Out to the Media

1) Develop a “how to” press release, no longer than 2 pages at 1.5 spacing. These releases offer the absolute best shot of getting magazine or newspaper coverage because they provide clear, solid information. They are particularly useful for business and self-help books, but with creativity, you can also use them for novels. 2) Keep…
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How to Prepare for Trade Shows

Whether you’re attending the London Book Fair, Book Expo America or visiting a regional trade show, preparing for the event ahead of time will ensure a smooth (and fruitful) event experience. 1) Establish Your Goals for Attending—Are you just looking to network? Exploring publishing options? Do you need a graphic designer? Researching distributors? Contemplating foreign…
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Media Training: Preparing and Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Successful media relations are built; credible media relations must be earned. Overnight sensations last just that long…for a moment. They are often forgotten the next day. And, stellar reputations can be destroyed in an instant. So, whether across the table from a news reporter, under the glare of TV lights, or simply behind your desk…
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