“GUARANTEE” The Most Controversial Word in Book Marketing

Authors unfamiliar with book marketing are often surprised when a publicist tells them that nothing is guaranteed when it comes media coverage and book sales. I understand why they’re surprised and disappointed. An author is going to pay for services but be promised nothing in terms of results? If I wasn’t in the industry, I’d probably be […]

​There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be an Author

When I first walked into the Paperback Booksmith in 1981 looking for a job, I had no idea my life would center around bringing books to life. For 32 years I have put my heart and soul into words and images, made available in every conceivable form and function. Whether it was selling and marketing […]

Bestseller Breakdown: What It Takes to Become a Bestseller and Why It Does(n’t) Matter

Writers dream of plastering the words “Bestselling Author” next to their name on business cards, resumes, books, blog posts, photos, and virtually every other place their moniker appears. And they can’t be blamed—that phrase counts for a lot, especially for authors hoping to attract customers with a “national bestseller” banner on their cover. But what […]

Frequently asked questions about book publicity. A child screaming into a microphone to convey the different ways to publicize your book.

Frequently Asked Questions About Book Publicity

Answers to some commonly asked questions about book publicity from the pros at Smith Publicity. We’re one of the leading book marketing firms in the world today. We provide a range of publicity and PR services to authors and publishers. Part of our online service to authors includes free basic information about book marketing and […]

Why Authors Still Need Professional Book Marketing Support

The digital revolution of self-publishing has empowered many self-published authors to promote their own books in creative, low-cost ways. Innovative eBook pricing programs, for example, enable an author to self-promote at virtually no cost. Likewise, social media has emerged as a viable and often effective way to build a personal brand and connect with potential […]

Why Media Coverage is Essential to Author Marketing

There are various ways to implement an author marketing program, especially now with the wonders of the Internet and social media, etc. Blog reviews can start the launch of a book to bestseller status. Endorsements on Facebook from well-known people can spark huge sales. Blog tours are becoming more popular. For e-books, special programs from […]

5 New Years Resolutions for Better Book Marketing

Many people tend to procrastinate when it comes to book marketing. As we move into 2013, the book industry is predicted to become even more competitive. Here are five resolutions you can make this year that will lead you to more success in your book marketing efforts. I will consistently market my book through my […]

Tips for Authors: What to Know About Your Book–and Yourself–Before Starting a Publicity Campaign (with a publicist or on your own!)

Know your book’s audience: It is important to know your book’s audience—both the mainstream and the fringe markets. For example, a book about organizing your finances and investing should naturally appeal to personal finance such as forex media. However, it could also appeal to women’s and men’s magazines, newspaper lifestyle editors, in-flight magazines, and many […]

Baseball and the Art of Book Marketing

If you’ve spoken to many publicists, you may have heard some analogies between baseball and book marketing. I probably use them everyday when speaking with clients or prospective clients, because they make key points succinctly and in an understandable manner. Here is the analogy distilled to its simplest form: Publicity is like baseball because both […]

The benefits of using book giveaways in your book promotion strategy.

Getting the Most Out of Book Giveaways

Some self-published authors associated with publishing programs like Amazon’s Kindle free book programs have had significant success. The trend of incorporating specific time periods for free downloads of books continues to grow as an effective book promotion method. Additionally, to spread the word about this book promotion strategy, authors announce they are giving away free […]