E-Book marketing with Book Reviews

Fact: You’re going to have to create a buzz for your e-book in order to start generating book sales. The wild success stories of e-book marketing and huge sales all started with word-of-mouth. In a multi-layered e-book marketing approach to generate word-of-mouth awareness and book sales, you can incorporate social media marketing, traditional publicity, newsletters, […]

Make Your Book Jump Off the Shelf! 12 Initiatives to Spark Book Sales and Make the Most out of a PR Campaign

Even Pippa Middleton is not immune to book sales woes. As widely reported, sales of Pippa’s book—even with the best distribution, publicity and name recognition—have fallen flat. If HER sales are disappointing, what can authors who do not have the benefit of famous relatives or name recognition do to sell books? For most authors, book sales […]

Commonly asked questions about book marketing services.

You Asked, We Answer: Top 3 Book Publicity Questions

Earlier this week we asked our friends and fans via social media to send us their top book publicity question. We received many great questions about book publicity and our three favorites are featured below. For more answers to commonly asked questions about our services, read our Frequently Asked Questions about Book Marketing. Have your […]

5 Top Tips for a Powerful Book Press Release

I often tell authors that I work with that writing a press release like writing poetry. Every word must be precisely placed and have a purpose. Take your time and do several drafts (just like you hopefully did with your book). A press release is too important to be done quickly or half-heartedly. Here are […]

Secrets of Marketing Self-Published Books

When an author’s book is released by a traditional book publisher, the publisher — in most cases — engages in some degree of marketing for the book. But what about authors of self-published books who don’t have an in-house book marketing team? Yes, the writer can go it alone and build a website and try […]

We use traditional media in book marketing to mean television, newspapers, magazines and television appearances by authors promoting their book in traditional media.

What Does Traditional Media Mean in Book Marketing?

In the old days of book marketing and publicity, things were simpler. A book publicist had four clear segments to pitch: radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines. These four comprise what is regarded as traditional media. Even though the digital revolution has upended the marketplace, traditional media continue to have considerable value in helping to publicize […]

The Top 5 Reasons We Love NetGalley

  1. It saves everyone money. The average book costs about $5.00 to mail within the U.S., which means clients have to factor postage costs into the price of any campaign. Now that Media professionals are more open to using e-readers and computers to review books, NetGalley is an outstanding tool to quickly get our […]

Book Publicity and Author Marketing With a Bang

Musings on the Man Who Allegedly Shot Himself to Promote His Book By Dan Smith, CEO dan@smithpublicity.com When I first heard the story of the West Virginia man who went to Montana and allegedly shot himself to draw attention to his book, I truthfully wasn’t that shocked at this new method of author marketing. Some […]

The Other Side of Publicity: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Campaign

A huge part of being a good publicist is being able to form a partnership with our clients – we rely on them as much as they rely on us. From helping with bylines to scheduling interviews, we like keeping our authors involved in the publicity process. Of course, publicists can’t report every detail or […]

Sync Your Teeth Into a Good Book: The Facts Behind the Rise of E-Books

During the holiday season of 2011, retailers witnessed a spike in the purchases of e-readers and tablets, such as the Kindle, iPad, and Nook. Since then approximately one fifth (21%) of adults in the US have admitted to reading at least one e-book in the past year, a significant increase over last year’s 17%. Obviously, […]