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The 7 Deadly Sins of Book Promotion

Competitive doesn’t begin to describe today’s book market. The booming print on demand and self-publishing industries, coupled with mainstream publishers, has flooded the market with thousands of new releases each month.  With an infinite number of books and authors vying for attention from a finite number of media outlets, book publicity is a tough, sometimes…
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6 Tips to Promote a Children’s Book

We receive many calls from children’s authors looking for ways to get the word out about their book. Here are some tips authors can employ to get started. 1. Start locally. To promote the book on your own, the best plan is to start locally. Contact your local bookstores, both chain and independent ones. See…
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Six Website Essentials

A website is a staple of any book publicity campaign. As your publicist works to solicit awareness about you and your project, it is crucial to provide those who are interested with details about your book, background, and purchasing information. When a producer, editor or reporter is contemplating covering you, the first step they take…
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5 Reasons Why Summer is a Good Time to Start a Publicity Campaign

1.     Time to Build You and Your Book’s Credentials: While some national television shows go on a summer filming hiatus, producers at local, regional and some national outlets have time slots that need to be filled; newspaper and magazine editors must provide new content to their readers; bloggers still regularly blog; wire services still circulate…
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