Does Every Book Need an ISBN?

ISBNs: Their Purpose, How They are Used, and FAQs By Laura Dawson, Bowker, the US ISBN Registration Agency The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) system was invented in the 1960s when British bookseller W. H. Smith began computerizing its distribution system. It became an ISO standard in 1970, and now the ISBN forms the backbone of […]

Secrets to Book Marketing & Author Publicity Revealed

Whether you’re a self-published or traditionally published author, marketing your book can be a difficult task. Most authors are not professional marketers, so they have a tough time effectively promoting their book. Thousands of books are published in the United States every day, making it hard for books to be discovered. But not to worry, […]

Top Ways to Market Your Book

Every year, hundreds of thousands of books are published in the United States alone. So how do you make your book stand out once it’s published? To compete with all the other books and famous authors out there, you have to market and advertise your book. You can’t rely on your publisher or local bookstore […]

How to Create an Author Blog Content Plan by Nina Amir

It’s not difficult to create a blog content plan. Pick a topic to explore each month, quarter, or year that in some way serves your brand, business or book. Then brainstorm related topics. Schedule these topics based upon how often you write and publish posts. Then write about the topics you’ve selected each week in […]

Developing a back cover blurb to help with book sales and promotion. Tips by the book marketing experts at Smith Publicity.

Cover Your Back: Back Cover Blurbs

Back Cover Blurbs Can Help Sell Books The space on the back cover of a book for blurbs, which are brief promotional paragraphs, is one of the more valuable spots for book promotion. This article has helpful approaches to writing back cover blurbs. After writing and polishing an entire book, many authors are surprised when […]

Authors and the Blame Game

I’m not in a good mood today. I have only myself to blame. I regularly take on more than I can chew, spread myself too thin, and then wind up stressed and unhappy. My fault. My bad. Apparently I must crave this way of living, because I keep doing it to myself, over and over. […]

We use traditional media in book marketing to mean television, newspapers, magazines and television appearances by authors promoting their book in traditional media.

What Does Traditional Media Mean in Book Marketing?

In the old days of book marketing and publicity, things were simpler. A book publicist had four clear segments to pitch: radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines. These four comprise what is regarded as traditional media. Even though the digital revolution has upended the marketplace, traditional media continue to have considerable value in helping to publicize […]