Have Your Book Displayed at BookExpo and BookCon!

Smith Publicity partners with Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) to offer authors a cost-effective venue to launch new titles and put  books in the hands of BookExpo attendees and consumers at BookCon.  Email cbe@smithpublicity.com or call 856-489-8654 x306. More details: The New Title Showcase remains a very accessible and valuable way to have your book prominently displayed through Combined […]

Exactly What is the Self-Publishing Revolution?

The self-publishing revolution, which began roughly ten years ago, continues today. The “gatekeepers” who previously determined what books got to market at the major publishing houses have long ago lost their exclusive status. The book publishing market has and continues to be, wide open and democratized. Consider a statistic from Bowker that captures a five-year […]

What Exactly is the “Smith Publicity Book Marketing System?”

At Smith Publicity, prospective clients often ask us about our “system” that we often reference. Authors want to know, understandably, what makes us different from other book publicity agencies, and it is indeed our “system” that makes the difference. Many years ago, just prior to launching Smith Publicity, I worked on the side for the […]

Book Marketing Predictions for 2015

By Dan Smith Since Smith Publicity was founded in 1997, every year in the book publishing and book marketing industries has been marked by one constant theme: change. Like many industries, and perhaps more so than most, the book world underwent a massive transformation via the convergence of technology and market changes. A snapshot from […]

How to Create an Author Blog Content Plan by Nina Amir

It’s not difficult to create a blog content plan. Pick a topic to explore each month, quarter, or year that in some way serves your brand, business or book. Then brainstorm related topics. Schedule these topics based upon how often you write and publish posts. Then write about the topics you’ve selected each week in […]

Digital Age Authorship: 2014’s Four Best Ways to Market your Book

No matter what you’re marketing, two things remain true: it’s important to market through mixed media, rather than depending on one single tactic; and you have to be consistent. When marketing the first book you’ve published, you aren’t likely to already have an established following of readers — now is the time to build one […]

The Right Book Cover: Converting Browsers to Buyers

As the time arrives to cross the T’s and dot the I’s on your book manuscript, a flurry of tasks are likely to come your way. Final proofreading? Check. Book layout? Yes, if you’re self-publishing. Publicity? Absolutely. But don’t forget about cover design. It’s one of the most important aspects of your book if you want it […]

Tips for Author Websites

An essential part of a book marketing campaign is having a professional and compelling author website.  When deciding to start a website or update your current website, there are some important things to keep in mind.  Smith Publicity President, Sandy Diaz, gives authors these tips: Start with an “About the author” page. This allows readers […]

The Changing Media Landscape: Bad News for Authors and Book Publicists

Many believe the printed newspaper is dying a slow, painful, inevitable death. Since 2008, the presses at hundreds of newspapers have stopped forever. Many venerable print magazines have closed their doors. After 32 years of publishing Southern Accents, Time. Inc. shut it down. Ziff Davis stopped publishing PC Magazine after 27 years, and Conde Nast closed the doors […]

“GUARANTEE” The Most Controversial Word in Book Marketing

Authors unfamiliar with book marketing are often surprised when a publicist tells them that nothing is guaranteed when it comes media coverage and book sales. I understand why they’re surprised and disappointed. An author is going to pay for services but be promised nothing in terms of results? If I wasn’t in the industry, I’d probably be […]