A Conversation About How Authors Can Pivot and the "New New Normal"

New Podcast: How Authors Can Pivot to the “New New Normal”

In this episode, we talk to Smith Publicity Vice President Marissa Eigenbrood about what authors can do to pivot in the “new new normal,” tips they can do right now to engage with their network, and the big question: should they delay publication of their books. The Smith Publicity ‘All Things Book Marketing’ podcast explores […]

New Podcast Episode – A Discussion of Publishing Options

In this episode of the “All Things Book Marketing” podcast, Vice President of Publicity Services and host Mike Onorato talks to Sarah Miniaci, Senior Book Publicist and Business Development Associate at Smith Publicity and gets her take on the various options for authors to publish their book – traditional, hybrid or self and the pros […]

Marketing tips for authors on working with book cover designers.

How an Author and Book Cover Designer Work Together

The importance of a book cover can’t be overstated. A cover can make or break the book marketing and book publicity process and affect how many readers pick your book up off the shelf.  You have a vision for your book, but communicating that vision to the person designing your book can be difficult. We […]

Dr Alan Zimmerman on how to destress, reenergize. All things book marketing podcast by Smith Publicity

Help for Stressed-Out Authors

All Things Book Marketing Podcast       Help for Stressed-Out Authors: How to De-Stress, Re-Energize, and Re-Balance Your Life by Alan Zimmerman TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the Smith Publicity, All Things Book Marketing podcast. The best tips, insights, and advice from the best in the publishing industry. Dan Smith: Hi, this is Dan Smith, and […]

7 mistakes commonly made in book marketing

Smith Publicity Identifies the “Seven Deadly Sins of Book Marketing”

by Dan Smith Most authors take the time to educate themselves about the book marketing process and go into campaigns understanding key elements of what book publicists do, how they do it, and how the process works. On the other hand, based on observations of over 3,500 book publicity campaigns Smith Publicity has implemented, we’ve […]

6 tips to maximize media exposure for your book launch.

6 Tips to Maximize Media Exposure with Book Publicity

The Best Book Publicists Maximize Media Exposure In book publicity, it’s tempting to sit back and wait for publicity to do its thing. After all, your book has been featured in newspapers and magazines, you’ve been interviewed countless times on radio programs, appeared on TV, and even enjoyed some glowing published reviews. Now, you might […]

Fiction book promotion ideas.

9 Thought-Starters for Authors

Today, writers have a plethora of online resources to help further them in their journey to a successful writing career. Because there are so many websites out there, it can be challenging trying to figure out the best ones. 

Social media tips and tricks for authors

Social Media Tips for Authors and Their Books

How to Use Social Media to Boost Book Marketing By Lindsey Brodowski If social media apps were Senior Superlatives, Facebook would win most popular, Twitter would win Class Clown, and Instagram would win Most Artistic. None of these are bad titles to claim, but all are significantly different from another, and content that works for […]

3 Key Publicity Tips for Nonfiction Books 

3 Key Publicity Tips for Nonfiction Books

How to Promote Your Book for Success  By Mike Onorato Vice President, Publicity at Smith Publicity Distinguishing your book from the thousands of other titles available in the marketplace can be the author’s biggest challenge.  More competition, more media outlets, and a news cycle that seems to change by the second make the publicity weapons […]

Crush the competition with our helpful book marketing and promotion tips.

3 Book Promotion Tips to Crush the Competition

Book promotion isn’t as black as white as the pages sandwiched between your covers. At Smith, we’ve tested all types of book promotional campaigns. The goal always is to help make our author’s voices heard, and we’ve learned that the ways to expand our tactics are never-ending. In a digital, media-driven society, authors, publishers, and […]