VIDEO: Author photos – do I need a headshot?

I’m a writer, why do I need a headshot!? We hear comments like this a lot. As photographer Dave Pidgeon will explain, an author photo can be a very important communication tool about your brand. Watch the video below to find out how an author photo can fit into your book marketing and book publicity […]

Self-Publishing a Book: What to Consider Before You Do It

By Renee Lamine, Marketing Coordinator at IngramSpark You’ve crafting the perfect manuscript and poured months, and maybe even years, into writing it, so I completely understand that you’re eager to get that baby published. But before you jump into the next stage, it’s essential that you take the time to make sure your book is at its best. After […]

How to Get Your Book into Your Local Bookstore

by Kit Little, New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association staffer and Marketing Director Towne Book Center & Café in Collegeville, PA Congratulations on your book! Now, how do you get it into your local bookstore… One of the wonderful things about our current literary atmosphere is that independent publishers and authors have opportunities they have never […]

Timing is Everything: The Importance of Book Relevance and Media Lead Times

Book relevance is something every author should understand when engaging in book promotion. What is book relevance? It’s understanding how your book may relate to current events so you can secure more media coverage. For both fiction and non-fiction, tying your book into “real life” almost always opens media doors that might otherwise be closed. […]

3 WAYS to get Traditional Publishers Vying for Your Self-Published Book

by Erin Entrada Kelly, Book Publicist, Smith Publicity A recent article in Publishers Weekly noted that 47 percent of publishers acquired self-published titles in the past year. That number jumps to 60 percent for general trade publishers. What does this mean for writers who want to get picked up by one of the traditional houses? […]

Merchandising Ideas for Authors

Merchandising gives readers an additional way to connect with each other and with a book and author. This tactic works especially well for fiction writers, but it can apply to other genres as well. Selling merchandise can also be a great way to market your writing without spending an excessive amount of money on advertising […]

How to Use Video to Build Your Author Platform

By Kathy Berardi, Video Producer, Red Clip Video As an author or sought-after consultant, you’ve likely considered adding video into your marketing mix. Not only can it elevate your brand’s visibility, it can also have a high return on investment (ROI). Consider these statistics: 70 percent of marketing professionals report that video converts better than […]

How to Create an Author Website

Developing your website as an author is an essential marketing component. A website will help your readers get to know and connect with you. Building a relationship with your readers will encourage them to spread the word about your work to their peers. Setting up your website might seem like a daunting and challenging task […]

SEO Guidelines for Building Your Author Website

When you build an author website, you put a lot of time and energy (and sometimes money) into making it appear accurate, visually appealing, and informative. The most important factor, however, in designing your author website is making sure people visit it. That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. While SEO can be a […]

7 Tips for Writing an Author Bio

Your author bio can, in some cases, encourage someone to pick up your book and read it instead of the one next to it on the shelf. But writing an author bio isn’t necessarily as simple as writing an “about me” page. It’s important to consider not only what you want to present, but how […]