What is Long Lead Media?

Print magazines plan their content—articles, experts to interview, topics to cover, books to feature, etc.—months before their publication date. For example, when planning for your Valentine’s Day tie-in to your book or expertise, you need to “pitch” or contact editors four or even six month before February. Another tip for working with long lead media […]

Judging a Book By Its Cover Check List: What Book Publicists—and Media— Want to See on the Outside of a Book

By Sandra Poirier Smith, President of Smith Publicity  Each week, Smith Publicity receives more than 100 inquiries from authors and publishers looking for our help, support, and ideas on how to get their books featured on television and radio shows, in newspapers or magazines, and/or online/blog outlets. In evaluating if we are a good fit for […]

Does Every Book Need an ISBN?

ISBNs: Their Purpose, How the Industry Uses Them, and FAQs By Laura Dawson, Bowker, the US ISBN Registration Agency The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) system was invented in the 1960s, when British bookseller W. H. Smith began computerizing its distribution system. It became an ISO standard in 1970, and now the ISBN forms the backbone of […]

Tips to Use Editorial Calendars to Get Media Coverage for You and Your Book

Magazine editorial calendars are a valuable resource for authors as they tell you exactly what topics they will be covering. This enables you to research future feature stories that may tie in to your book and/or expertise you can share. Plan ahead. Magazine editors typically work on their articles four to six months ahead of […]