A kindle e-book. Merchandising ideas for authors to help promote their book sales.

Merchandising Ideas for Authors and Their Books

Merchandising for Books and Authors — How Can It Help Me? Merchandising gives readers an additional way to connect and to a book and author. It is a book and author marketing tactic that works exceptionally well for fiction writers but also can apply to other genres as well. Selling merchandise can also be an […]

How to Use Video to Build Your Author Platform

By Kathy Berardi, Video Producer, Red Clip Video As an author or sought-after consultant, you’ve likely considered adding video into your marketing mix. Not only can it elevate your brand’s visibility, it can also have a high return on investment (ROI). Consider these statistics: 70 percent of marketing professionals report that video converts better than […]

How to Create an Author Website

Developing your website as an author is an essential marketing component. A website will help your readers get to know and connect with you. Building a relationship with your readers will encourage them to spread the word about your work to their peers. Setting up your website might seem like a daunting and challenging task […]

SEO Guidelines for Building Your Author Website

When you build an author website, you put a lot of time and energy (and sometimes money) into making it appear accurate, visually appealing, and informative. The most important factor, however, in designing your author website is making sure people visit it. That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. While SEO can be a […]

7 Tips for Writing an Author Bio

Your author bio can, in some cases, encourage someone to pick up your book and read it instead of the one next to it on the shelf. But writing an author bio isn’t necessarily as simple as writing an “about me” page. It’s important to consider not only what you want to present, but how […]

Smith Publicity answers to some commonly asked questions about book marketing.

15 Frequently Asked Questions About Book Marketing & Publicity

Book marketing and publicity are essential if you’ve recently written or published a book. If you have questions about either one, here are helpful answers from the pros at Smith Publicity. Ahead are 15 frequently asked book publicity and marketing questions and answers: Why do books need publicity? Simple: Without book publicity and marketing, how […]

Long lead media used to promote book sales in book marketing campaigns by Smith Publicity Inc in Cherry Hill NJ

What is Long Lead Media?

The Role of Long-Lead Media in Book Publicity Most print brands (magazines) are now blended media, meaning they operate companion websites, blogs, and social media channels along with their hard-copy issues. But because of their heritage as printed publications, they continue to work as long-lead media. Therefore, print magazines produce their content—articles, interviews with experts, […]

Judging a Book By Its Cover Check List: What Book Publicists—and Media— Want to See on the Outside of a Book

By Sandra Poirier Smith, President of Smith Publicity  Each week, Smith Publicity receives more than 100 inquiries from authors and publishers looking for our help, support, and ideas on how to get their books featured on television and radio shows, in newspapers or magazines, and/or online/blog outlets. In evaluating if we are a good fit for […]

Developing a back cover blurb to help with book sales and promotion. Tips by the book marketing experts at Smith Publicity.

Cover Your Back: Back Cover Blurbs

Back Cover Blurbs Can Help Sell Books The space on the back cover of a book for blurbs, which are brief promotional paragraphs, is one of the more valuable spots for book promotion. This article has helpful approaches to writing back cover blurbs. After writing and polishing an entire book, many authors are surprised when […]

Tips to Use Editorial Calendars to Get Media Coverage for You and Your Book

Magazine editorial calendars are a valuable resource for authors as they tell you exactly what topics they will be covering. This enables you to research future feature stories that may tie in to your book and/or expertise you can share. Plan ahead. Magazine editors typically work on their articles four to six months ahead of […]