Self-published book marketing services by Smith Publicity received an all time high of unique visitors in 2019

Self-Published Authors Seek Our Advice in Record Numbers

Our free online advice pages for self-published authors were the most in-demand topic when we tallied up the yearly figures of our Smith Publicity website. In the past year alone, more than 10,000 people visited two service pages for self-published authors. It’s clear these higher numbers fit in with the continuing fast growth of self-published […]

Mike Onorato Vice President of Publicity Services, Smith Publicity, Inc.

Preparing Your Book Marketing Campaign for Success

Preparing for Success: 7 Facts About Book Marketing Campaigns Every Author MUST Know By Mike Onorato Congratulations! You’ve finished your manuscript, turned it into your editor or self-published your book and now you’re done and ready for media to come knocking and the sales to start, right? Wrong. Writing a book is just the first […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About UK Book Marketing but Were Afraid to Ask…

by the Midas PR team, a leading publishing, arts and cultural PR agency in the UK Smith Publicity and Midas PR, two leaders in the book publicity industry, regularly partner together on book marketing and publicity campaigns to ensure a book launch extends into key book buying and influential markets. Below, they share eight insights […]

Crush the competition with our helpful book marketing and promotion tips.

3 Book Promotion Tips to Crush the Competition

Book promotion isn’t as black as white as the pages sandwiched between your covers. At Smith, we’ve tested all types of book promotional campaigns. The goal always is to help make our author’s voices heard, and we’ve learned that the ways to expand our tactics are never-ending. In a digital, media-driven society, authors, publishers, and […]

eBook marketing tips and strategies to help boost sales of your ebook.

Marketing Tactics to Promote Your eBook

eBook Marketing Ideas to Achieve Digital Domination Trending print reports show this is the best time to market your eBook. Today’s consumers have come to expect convenience and options in every facet of their lives. So it’s not surprising that they’re looking for the same when it comes to reading. While print book sales are […]

How Much Do Bestseller Lists Help Sell Books?

How to sell more books is a question on the mind of every author and publisher. As a result, a lot of attention is paid to landing books on bestseller lists as a way to spark sales. But in today’s marketplace, do the lists carry as much weight as they used to?  News in recent […]

How to Get Your Book into Your Local Bookstore

by Kit Little, New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association staffer and Marketing Director Towne Book Center & Café in Collegeville, PA Congratulations on your book! Now, how do you get it into your local bookstore… One of the wonderful things about our current literary atmosphere is that independent publishers and authors have opportunities they have never […]

From the front lines: a Simon & Schuster sales rep helps sell your book

by Tim Hepp, Sales Manager at Simon & Schuster Hello authors, my name is Tim Hepp and I have a confession to make: I am the guy that could potentially make or break your book. As a veteran sales rep with over 30 years of experience, 25 of them working for Simon & Schuster, I […]

An author promoting their book at a book club. Super-fan followings can help improve your book sales, authors need to join a book club.

5 Ways Book Clubs Can Boost Book Sales

by Shari Stauch Book clubs can be a defining moment in any author’s career because they often spark significant sales. The success of any book is accelerated if book clubs like it and begin spreading the news. To professional book marketers, publishers, and seasoned authors, they are highly regarded influencers — and it’s why book […]

Determining the Retail Price for a Printed Book

At Dog Ear Publishing, determining the retail price of a book is a routine task. There are various factors we consider when advising authors on setting a retail price. First, what type of genre does your book fall into—non-fiction, fiction, children’s, juvenile, self-help or something else? Some genres allow for higher retail prices or have […]