What is a Virtual Book Tour?

The rise in self-published books has also given rise to the virtual book tour. Whether an author is working with a publicist, publisher, book promotion firm or independently, it behooves them to understand the nature of a virtual book tour as a useful part of book publicity. If planned and promoted properly, virtual book tours […]

2013 Publishing Predictions: E-Books, E-Book Marketing … and More

While Smashwords’ Mark Coker’s 2013 book publishing predictions have been widely disseminated, there are a number of other predictions by leading authorities in the book publishing world that will have a profound effect on e-Book marketing and authors. It is clear from many experts that e-Book unit sales will likely level off to varying degrees […]

Don’t Make it Hard for People to Buy Your Book.

While every author wants to maximize book sales, they often become their own worst enemy by making it difficult for people to actually buy their books. The ideal scenario is to work with book marketing services to be sure that every possible opportunity is utilized. However, whether an author uses this type of service or […]

An Author’s Guide to Amazon: 7 Tools To Help Increase Book and Author “Discoverability”

When it comes to gaining exposure for your book, Amazon’s the place to be. As a published author, there’s a good chance that your book is already available on Amazon, and perhaps you’ve even created an author profile. If so, you’re off to a great start… but here are more tools offered by Amazon that are often overlooked […]

Display Your Book at the 2013 London Book Fair

Showcase your book at The London Book Fair (April 15th to 17th). In 2012 over 24 thousand people attended the show from all areas of publishing (book buyers, agents, publishers, editors, librarians, distributors and so many more). The New Title Showcase remains the most accessible and successful of all of London’s exhibits. $275 Price includes […]

5 Ideas for A Bookish Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and every book publicist worth their wannabe-rolodex is finding unique ways to romance readers and the media. Holidays can provide authors with fun, timely ways to get their book into the spotlight and boost sales for people looking to buy gifts. Even if romance isn’t at the heart of your […]

The Risks and Rewards of Book Awards: 5 Tips for Authors

What author doesn’t dream of winning a prestigious award for their book? Every year the publishing industry and book lovers alike wait with bated breath for the announcement of prestigious prizes such as the Pulitzer, National Book Award, or the Nobel Prize in Literature. However, there are many other awards, recognitions, and contests out there! […]

Baseball and the Art of Book Marketing

If you’ve spoken to many publicists, you may have heard some analogies between baseball and book marketing. I probably use them everyday when speaking with clients or prospective clients, because they make key points succinctly and in an understandable manner. Here is the analogy distilled to its simplest form: Publicity is like baseball because both […]

Getting the Most Out of Book Giveaways

Some self-published authors associated with publishing programs like Amazon’s Kindle free book programs have had significant success. The trend of incorporating specific time periods for free downloads of books continues to grow as an effective book promotion method. Additionally, to spread the word about this book promotion strategy, authors announce they are giving away free […]

E-Book marketing with Book Reviews

Fact: You’re going to have to create a buzz for your e-book in order to start generating book sales. The wild success stories of e-book marketing and huge sales all started with word-of-mouth. In a multi-layered e-book marketing approach to generate word-of-mouth awareness and book sales, you can incorporate social media marketing, traditional publicity, newsletters, […]