Virtual book promotion example on facebook live by author Ramsey Campbell whose book was published on Flame Tree Press. How to promote a book virtually.

How COVID-19 Impacted Book Promotion Methods

Going Virtual for Book Promotion Was Required A book is so many things to an author; perhaps above all, it’s a tangible dream—one that likely took years of dedication to come to fruition. Now that your book is finally finished and ready to launch, you face the unprecedented circumstances of our world today as the […]

5 tips on business book marketing practices by Smith Publicity Inc

5 Business Book Marketing Tips

How to Market a Business Book VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi, I’m Marissa Eigenbrood, vice president of Smith Publicity. Today, I’m here to talk about five tips for business authors to maximize your publicity and focus on your marketing efforts. First of all, we have here, number one, your network. Don’t be afraid to tap into your […]

Kick Your Book Launch into High Gear Through Your Network

Business Contacts Can Boost Your Book Launch By Marissa Eigenbrood, Vice President “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller. Since we were college students or young professionals, most of us have been told that networking is the key to our success. It’s about who you know and […]

A business book, when promoted well, can help business owners with their career. Book as a business card.

Books are Powerful Marketing Tools for Business

Books as Marketing Tools for Business Owners, Consultants & Experts by Dan Smith Increasingly, business owners, consultants, experts, and thought-leaders are writing and publishing books. Often, book sales are of little concern to them. A book and media coverage resulting from book marketing can be incredibly powerful marketing tools for their companies and professional practices. […]

8 Proven Methods to Market Your Business Book

Today, there are approximately 2,536,993 business books listed on And thousands of more business books are published each year. So, with all the business books out there, how can yours stand up to the competition? The answer lies in the right book marketing techniques. Most business authors publish books to establish themselves as an […]

Digital Age Authorship: 2014’s Four Best Ways to Market your Book

No matter what you’re marketing, two things remain true: it’s important to market through mixed media, rather than depending on one single tactic; and you have to be consistent. When marketing the first book you’ve published, you aren’t likely to already have an established following of readers — now is the time to build one […]

Bestseller Breakdown: What It Takes to Become a Bestseller and Why It Does(n’t) Matter

Writers dream of plastering the words “Bestselling Author” next to their name on business cards, resumes, books, blog posts, photos, and virtually every other place their moniker appears. And they can’t be blamed—that phrase counts for a lot, especially for authors hoping to attract customers with a “national bestseller” banner on their cover. But what […]

How Building a Loyal Following on Social Media Can Help to Market a Book

A loyal social media following can be integral to marketing your book.  The trick is to get followers, engage them, and increase their interest levels in your book.  If you do it correctly, they will share your work with all their friends. Many authors often forget that readers want to build lasting relationships with authors. […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Book Marketing – UPDATED!

The competition for book publicity is fierce! More books than ever are being published, which means more authors than ever are reaching out to the media to get on radio and TV and in newspapers and magazines. In the self-publishing arena alone, the number of self-published books produced annually in the U.S. has nearly tripled, […]

Why Media Coverage is Essential to Author Marketing

There are various ways to implement an author marketing program, especially now with the wonders of the Internet and social media, etc. Blog reviews can start the launch of a book to bestseller status. Endorsements on Facebook from well-known people can spark huge sales. Blog tours are becoming more popular. For e-books, special programs from […]