Virtual book promotion example on facebook live by author Ramsey Campbell whose book was published on Flame Tree Press. How to promote a book virtually.

How COVID-19 Impacted Book Promotion Methods

Going Virtual for Book Promotion Was Required A book is so many things to an author; perhaps above all, it’s a tangible dream—one that likely took years of dedication to come to fruition. Now that your book is finally finished and ready to launch, you face the unprecedented circumstances of our world today as the […]

YA book promotion tips. How to get your book in from of young adult audiences.

The Latest News in YA Book and Promotion

Advice on How to Write Successful YA Books By Mike Onorato Vice President, Publicity at Smith Publicity Young Adult publishing has been trying to find its footing – and a home – recently.  A 2015 Nielsen study found that 80% of YA readers are adults purchasing the books for themselves. This has led to a […]

Tips on how to market a children's book. Young adult and children's book marketing and promotion.

3 Ways to Promote Your Children’s Book

Children’s Book Marketing Requires These 3 Steps Finding the right media platform to tell your story is crucial to how to market a children’s book. Getting the word out to parents, teachers, grandparents, and librarians is vital. In today’s young adult and children’s book space, it’s all about blogs. They have become an influential community […]

Children's book marketing services. Tips on how to market a children's book.

6 Tips for Marketing Children’s Books

Six Tips for Marketing Children’s Books Successfully Children’s book marketing is unique when compared to other genres.  How to market a children’s book effectively requires a specialized approach. It’s not necessarily more difficult, but more diverse and customized in approach. Because kids don’t buy their books, you have to reach parents, grandparents, teachers, and librarians. […]

Children's book marketing services. Tips on how to market a children's book.

4 Great Ways to Promote Your Children’s Book

Children’s book marketing presents many unique opportunities when it comes to promotion. Once you’ve written and published your children’s book, it’s time to get underway immediately. With some events, it’s great to meet kids and introduce your book in person. But it’s also essential to keep in mind that children’s book publicity differs from other […]

Bestseller Breakdown: What It Takes to Become a Bestseller and Why It Does(n’t) Matter

Writers dream of plastering the words “Bestselling Author” next to their name on business cards, resumes, books, blog posts, photos, and virtually every other place their moniker appears. And they can’t be blamed—that phrase counts for a lot, especially for authors hoping to attract customers with a “national bestseller” banner on their cover. But what […]

How Building a Loyal Following on Social Media Can Help to Market a Book

A loyal social media following can be integral to marketing your book.  The trick is to get followers, engage them, and increase their interest levels in your book.  If you do it correctly, they will share your work with all their friends. Many authors often forget that readers want to build lasting relationships with authors. […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Book Marketing – UPDATED!

The competition for book publicity is fierce! More books than ever are being published, which means more authors than ever are reaching out to the media to get on radio and TV and in newspapers and magazines. In the self-publishing arena alone, the number of self-published books produced annually in the U.S. has nearly tripled, […]

Why Media Coverage is Essential to Author Marketing

There are various ways to implement an author marketing program, especially now with the wonders of the Internet and social media, etc. Blog reviews can start the launch of a book to bestseller status. Endorsements on Facebook from well-known people can spark huge sales. Blog tours are becoming more popular. For e-books, special programs from […]

5 New Years Resolutions for Better Book Marketing

Many people tend to procrastinate when it comes to book marketing. As we move into 2013, the book industry is predicted to become even more competitive. Here are five resolutions you can make this year that will lead you to more success in your book marketing efforts. I will consistently market my book through my […]