Finishing That Book Over the Holidays? Time to Think About Book Marketing

If you plan on finishing a book over the upcoming holidays, you should also spend some time considering book marketing. By incorporating a solid book-marketing program, your book has a chance at success in the highly competitive bookselling industry. Whether you want to self-publish or pursue traditional publishing, a well-planned book marketing campaign is essential. […]

5 Top Tips for a Powerful Book Press Release

I often tell authors that I work with that writing a press release like writing poetry. Every word must be precisely placed and have a purpose. Take your time and do several drafts (just like you hopefully did with your book). A press release is too important to be done quickly or half-heartedly. Here are […]

6 Tips to Promote a Children’s Book

We receive many calls from children’s authors looking for ways to get the word out about their book. Here are some tips authors can employ to get started. 1. Start locally. To promote the book on your own, the best plan is to start locally. Contact your local bookstores, both chain and independent ones. See […]