Setting goals to grow your author brand

Most authors have goals they want to reach. These could be pie-in-the-sky New York Times Bestseller, couch of the Tonight Show type goals. Or they could be more modest goals to finish your manuscript, secure an agent, sign a publishing contract or sell a certain number of copies. But are you taking consistent action to […]

10 Book Marketing and Publishing Industry Predictions for 2016

by Dan Smith, CEO Smith Publicity Print sales were up in 2015, self-published authors continued their ongoing momentum, and quirky trends like adult coloring books had a surprising industry effect. So what does 2016 have in store? Here are my ten book marketing and publishing industry predictions for the year ahead. 1. Although print sales […]

3 WAYS to get Traditional Publishers Vying for Your Self-Published Book

by Erin Entrada Kelly, Book Publicist, Smith Publicity A recent article in Publishers Weekly noted that 47 percent of publishers acquired self-published titles in the past year. That number jumps to 60 percent for general trade publishers. What does this mean for writers who want to get picked up by one of the traditional houses? […]

How to Use Video to Build Your Author Platform

By Kathy Berardi, Video Producer, Red Clip Video As an author or sought-after consultant, you’ve likely considered adding video into your marketing mix. Not only can it elevate your brand’s visibility, it can also have a high return on investment (ROI). Consider these statistics: 70 percent of marketing professionals report that video converts better than […]

Power Book Publicity Tips October 2015

Seven Myths of Book Publicity by Dan Smith There are many misconceptions about book publicity and book marketing; some are from a lack of knowledge and understanding, and some from outdated advice that no longer apply to today’s market. Here are a few common myths I see in the current publishing and book marketing landscape: […]

Power Book Publicity Tips July 2015

Tips For Building a Loyal Following on Social Media to Help Market Your Book By Brittney Karpovich, Social Media Expert Smith Publicity Social media can be a great way to bring attention to your book and author brand, and is now an integral part of most authors’ marketing plans. The goal is to attract and […]

Power Book Publicity Tips Newsletter June 2015

The Power of Byline Articles for Fiction and Non-Fiction Book Marketing By Sandra Poirier Smith Whether working on your own or with a publicist, a byline article is an excellent book marketing tool to help build or continue to build your expertise, credibility, and brand. What is a Byline Article? A byline article is about […]

Power Book Publicity Tips Newsletter April 2015

In this issue: Book Publicity Glossary of Terms, Part One by Dan Smith The book marketing industry has its own jargon, and too often we don’t slow down enough to fully explain what it all means. Like most industries, we use lots of inside terms to succinctly describe and communicate what it is we do. […]

Power Book Publicity Tips Newsletter March 2015

In this issue: Must Haves for Every Author Website: Plus…7 Tips for Creating Author Website Content by Sandra Poirier Smith, President of Smith Publicity As book publicists, we see huge value in an author’s website/blog. It serves as central hub where media, reviewers, and fans go to learn more about an author, his or her book, expertise, […]

Power Book Publicity Tips Newsletter February 2015

In this issue: Judging a Book By Its Cover   Check List: What Book Publicists—and Media—Want to See on the Outside of a Book by Sandra Poirier Smith, President of Smith Publicity Each week, Smith Publicity receives more than 100 inquiries from authors and publishers looking for our help, support, and ideas on how to get […]