Thursdays with Dan: The Science of Book Publicity

By Dan Smith, Founder and CEO Book marketing is in many ways a straightforward endeavor: Get as much media exposure for an author and book as possible. Certainly, there are many techniques, strategies, and some tricks of our tradecraft – even “secret” tactics unique to Smith Publicity – that we guard carefully! Along with this, we’ve […]

Thursdays with Dan: The Book Marketing X-Files – The Curious Case of the $300,000 Radio Interview

by Dan Smith, Founder and CEO Back in the early days of Smith Publicity, when I had to make money any way I could, I worked with lots of interesting people and books. I had some amazing experiences with some amazing, if not sometimes strange, authors. I was fortunate to have been part of, or […]

Thursdays with Dan: 4 Dirty Words of Book Marketing

by Dan Smith, CEO and Founder Hopefully the headline above caught your attention. That’s what we try to do in book publicity – quickly get the attention of an editor or producer and entice them to read further. If you’re still with me, enticement = accomplished. I don’t literally mean “dirty words,” like the “The […]

Thursdays with Dan: The Crash and Burn of Tate Publishing

By Dan Smith, Founder & CEO, Smith Publicity The recent news of Tate Publishing ceasing operations shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Various lawsuits, complaints and accusations about shoddy service appeared throughout 2016. Consider just a few that were widely reported on: Lightning Source, on-demand producer of print and digital media based in Tennessee, sued […]