What is Combined Book Exhibit?

Combined Book Exhibit is the largest book display company in the world. They offer an affordable solution to exhibiting your book, rather than putting out the expense of having your own booth at various shows. CBE showcases both publishers and authors. Self-published authors are welcome. CBE has a solid reputation within the publishing industry. They’ve been around for more than 75 years and are a leader in trade shows display.

What’s included in the price?

The price includes display of one book and inclusion in CBE’s exclusive show catalog. A physical copy of your book is required. Galley copies are acceptable. No authors are permitted to exhibit in CBE’s booth during the show and entrance to show is not included. Your book is not promoted by CBE or Smith Publicity, but presented to exhibit attendees. CBE does not sell your books at the show. You can create a buzz about your book being at the book Fair by blogging about it and mentioning your book will be at the fair on your Facebook and/or website.

What types of books are normally displayed?

CBE is like a “living catalog” or collective of books from publishers of all sizes, including almost any genre, and made available for show attendees to explore.

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Will someone be in the booth to take questions?

CBE always has a prime location at shows, and is visited by many throughout the show. Books are individually displayed in its own shelving unit. Several professional staff members man their booth. If anyone asks about your book, CBE will be happy to take contact information and pass that along to you after the show.

How will book viewers know whom to contact about my book?

Information on each title and each participating author is collected in an exhibit catalog, unique to each show, and is given to all interested attendees who can then contact you directly. When available, general leads of visitors to the booth are collected to help you build a list of valuable contacts.

What are some benefits to choosing CBE?

In addition, CBE offers Internet-based book marketing free with every entry. All the information they collect for the exhibit catalog is included on their online, searchable database at TheBookCheckout.


Dan Smith with the world’s foremost mentalist, “The Amazing Kreskin,” on Las Vegas media tour led by Dan.

Can I trust CBE?

Yes! CBE’s “seniority” on the trade show circuit means your book won’t be buried in the back of a show, but will be displayed in a prime location. Additionally, CBE has a large clientele of major publishing houses that will attract further traffic to your titles, whether they’re in the CBE exhibit or the booth next door. Combined Book Exhibit’s catalog and physical exhibit will be organized alphabetically by publisher/company name.

How are books displayed?

Books are displayed on an individual shelf, book cover face out. You can use a hardback and paperback (hardback is more durable and likely the better choice for display). Or if displaying an e-Book, it is displayed with the cover as a clickable icon which opens the book for viewing.

When does my book need to arrive?

You will need to supply a copy of your book, and it should be shipped to be received by the deadline date or within a day or so. Neither Smith Publicity nor Combined Book Exhibit orders books for the display. If displaying e-book version, you will need to supply a digital copy of your book for the display by either uploading the book during registration or sending it along as an attachment.

Are audiobooks or DVD’s included in the display?

At this time we can only display the box of the audio book or DVD and have no way to display the content. If you wish to put your audio book or DVD in the show by displaying the packaging, we can do that.

Can I receive a printed show catalog?

CBE will not provide printed catalogs to authors/publishers. Printed catalogs are available to show attendees only. You may view an online version of both of the printed and ebook catalog.

Do you have a picture of the how the books will be presented? Can you take a picture of my book at the show?

You can visit The Combined Book Exhibit and view previous shows to see images of how books were presented. Due to time constraints, we cannot take individual pictures of books at the show. We do take pictures of the venue and try to get most of the titles in the photos, which will then be uploaded to our website after the show.

Are there discounts available?

Email cbe@SmithPublicity.com for details on discounts when submitting several titles for one show, or one title for multiple shows.

What payment methods accepted?

We accept credit card or check payments in US dollars only.