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7 Killer Ideas for Non-Fiction Writers

7 Killer Ideas for Non-Fiction Writers Today, writers have a plethora of online resources to help further them in their journey to a successful writing career. Because there are so many websites out there, it can be challenging trying to figure out the best ones.  The following are a list of some popular ones that…
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Social Media Tips and Tricks

Social Media Tips and Tricks from Publisher’s Weekly Webinar for Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy for Books [caption id="attachment_9497" align="alignnone" width="800"] Smith Publicity explains new social media tricks for new authors[/caption] By Lindsey Brodowski If social media apps were Senior Superlatives, Facebook would win most popular, Twitter would win Class Clown, and Instagram would…
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3 Key Publicity Tips for Nonfiction Books

3 Key Publicity Tips for Nonfiction Books  [caption id="attachment_5854" align="alignnone" width="221"] Smith Publicity explains 3 key tips for non-fiction books.[/caption] By Mike Onorato Vice President, Publicity at Smith Publicity Distinguishing your book from the thousands of other titles available in the marketplace can be the biggest challenge for an author.  More competition, more media outlets…
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Latest News in YA Book Promotion

[caption id="attachment_5854" align="alignnone" width="251"] Smith Publicity explains the latest news on YA book Promotion.[/caption] By Mike Onorato Vice President, Publicity at Smith Publicity Young Adult publishing has been trying to find its footing – and a home - recently.  A 2015 Nielsen study found that 80% of YA readers are adults purchasing the books for…
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2019 Self Help Book Marketing Tips

by Kellie Rendina  Do names like Marie Kondo or Jen Sincero ring any bells? It’s no secret that the self-help & wellness industry is thriving. In the US alone, the personal development industry takes in just under $10 billion annually. Keeping this astronomical number in mind, it can be a bit daunting for self-help authors as they begin…
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3 Ways to Promote Your Children’s Book and Crush the Competition

Finding the right media platform to tell your book’s story is an important part of getting the word out. In the YA and children’s book space, it’s all about blogs. This influential community of media are vital in YA book promotion and can help spread the word to both mass and niche audiences. But just…
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