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Using Social Media to Augment Book Marketing Campaigns

Social media is everywhere and has affected virtually every industry. From advertising and branding to consumer reviews and viral videos, the impact of social media can’t be overstated. It’s no different with book marketing. Authors are all over platforms; from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn. Some experts tell authors social media is for…
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Smith Publicity Explains Some Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing

The publishing industry has seen many changes in the past ten years. Self-publishing or independent publishing– and variations including hybrid and cooperative publishing – have surged in popularity, with of thousands of new titles released each year.    Traditional publishers continue to struggle with outdated business models, advances paid to authors have decreased, and book promotion…
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Book Marketing Tips Video

Check out our informative book marketing and book publicity tips video! These book marketing and book publicity tips will help you how to market your book to gain media coverage, target your potential readers, and ultimately sell more books.Learn how to promote your book and publicize your brand.
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Smith Publicity Book Promotion Essentials: Quick Tips About Book Subtitles

Coming up with a book title can often be agonizing for authors. There are no “right” answers. Some high-profile authors pay quite handsomely to have others come up with a title. They are that important. For non-fiction books, the subtitle is just as important as a title. A book’s main title should be clear, impactful, intriguing,…
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4 Quick Tips on Finding a Good Book Publicist

To some, the term “publicist” brings up an image of a slick talking, promise-the-sky kind of person, someone who is more flash than substance. It’s almost a used care salesperson feeling some people get when they hear about a “publicist.” (not that there’s anything wrong with being a used car salesperson!) When it comes to…
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Book Marketing Essentials: Book Signing and Bookstore Outreach Tips

Book signings, especially in your local market, can be a great way to create awareness about your book, interact with the public and enhance your book publicity efforts. While bookstores and publishers can be helpful partners in setting up a successful event, authors typically need to take initiative.. Types of Book Signing Locations Chain Bookstore…
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