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Book Marketing Essentials: Book Signing and Bookstore Outreach Tips

Book signings, especially in your local market, can be a great way to create awareness about your book, interact with the public and enhance your book publicity efforts. While bookstores and publishers can be helpful partners in setting up a successful event, authors typically need to take initiative.. Types of Book Signing Locations Chain Bookstore…
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 4 Tips for Marketing Self Published Books

2017 was a record year for self publishing: According to Bowker, the total number of self-published titles published grew from 786,935 to 1,009,188, surpassing the million mark for the first time. Clearly, the self-publishing revolution – which began over ten years ago – is still in full force, and all indications are growth will continue. With…
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Eight Questions to Ask When Hiring a Book Publicist

by Smith Publicity President Sandy Poirier Smith, originally written for Girl Friday Productions Finding the right book publicist can be tricky. You need a to find a match with the right skill set for your genre, personality, and budget. Because promoting a book is a highly specialized skill, ideally, you want a publicist/agency that specializes…
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Interview with Jim Cox: Founder and Editor of the Midwest Book Review

By Shelby Londyn-Heath, republished with permission from the Midwest Book Review Q. Jim, you started Midwest Book Review in 1976. That is over forty years ago. Why do you think Midwest Book Review has been so successful? A. The three key elements to the success of the Midwest Book Review are: We always provide authors…
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