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4 Quick Tips on Finding a Good Book Publicist

To some, the term “publicist” brings up an image of a slick talking, promise-the-sky kind of person, someone who is more flash than substance. It’s almost a used care salesperson feeling some people get when they hear about a “publicist.” (not that there’s anything wrong with being a used car salesperson!) When it comes to…
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Organizing your own book launch event

 Smith Publicity Marketing Manager Andrea Kiliany Thatcher recently shared some tips with BlossomsWriting on planning your own book launch. For the full article "How to Create a PR Plan for Your Self-Published Book" click here. Throw a Book Party—or Two Andrea Kiliany Thatcher is a book publicist at Smith Publicity, an independently published author, and a…
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You’ve made a book trailer – now what?

Book trailers can be a fantastic marketing tool to showcase your book. They are most popular for genre fiction such as romance, historical fiction, young adult fiction, thrillers and mysteries, fantasy and sci-fi or books that contain a visual element like photography or coffee table books. But they can be a useful tool or piece…
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InfoGraphic: Confused about eBook distribution? Here’s help.

When authors come to us for book marketing or book publicity for their Ebook, one of the first questions we ask them is about distribution. To help authors reach readers who can actually buy their book, we need to know where that book is available. Many self-published authors are lost when it comes to Ebook…
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