Power Book Publicity Tips for February 2013

In this issue:
- Article: “What you Should Not Include in your Non-Fiction Book Proposal,” by Debra W. Englander
- New Program Gives Ebooks a Quality Seal for Consumers
- Digital Book World Conference – Interesting Facts for Authors
- Ben Cameron, Director of Sales and Marketing for UK and Europe, to Speak at Self-Publishing Conference in UK
- Display Your Book at the 2013 London Book Fair

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The Risks and Rewards of Book Awards: 5 Tips for Authors

What author doesn’t dream of winning a prestigious award for their book? Every year the publishing industry and book lovers alike wait with bated breath for the announcement of prestigious prizes such as the Pulitzer, National Book Award, or the Nobel Prize in Literature. However, there are many other awards, recognitions, and contests out there!…
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Power Book Publicity Tips for October 2012

In this issue:
- Announcement: New Amazon Optimization and Reviewer Service
- Why Amazon Optimization is Important, by Corinne Liccketto
- Contest: Ebook Retailer Leads the Search for “America’s Next Author”
- Upcoming Event: Self-Publishing Book Expo (Oct. 27)

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The Other Side of Publicity: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Campaign

A huge part of being a good publicist is being able to form a partnership with our clients – we rely on them as much as they rely on us. From helping with bylines to scheduling interviews, we like keeping our authors involved in the publicity process. Of course, publicists can’t report every detail or…
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