Thanks to the hard work of Smith Publicity and 110% dedication, my daughter Taylor’s legacy will live on and help other families and loved ones. I strongly recommend this company because they treat you like family.

John J. McCormack, leader for patient’s rights and “Taylor’s Law.”

McCormack is a Gulf War veteran and a husband, but most of all father. In 2000, he lost his baby daughter, Taylor. She died in the hospital because of medical errors. John devotes his life to fighting for changes—like Taylor’s Law—which made health care providers more accountable. Featured on cover of Parade Magazine.

When I first met with Dan Smith and his staff, I knew without doubt it was their compassion for my project and dedication to my cause that made them the PR Company I was blessed to have found. What their staff did and the work ethic they showed were far more than I realized, until I witnessed it first hand, as a client. I know I could not have found a better team. Thank you Smith Publicity, Dan and your team.

Bill Thiel, Founder of Maureen's Mission

Bill Thiel, founder of Maureen’s Mission, dedicated to garnering the support of other state breast cancer coalitions along with local, state and federal legislators to pass a bill to protect all women in the country and ensure early, correct diagnosis of breast cancer, which took the life of his wife, Maureen.

Trusting someone in this business is always tricky and at times it can not only be scary but dangerous. However, not when it comes to Dan Smith and his team at Smith Publicity. Ever since I walked into his office and explained my dreams that I wanted to come true, I felt as though I was no longer alone in the fight to build a name and a career. I not only gained a dynamic publicity team, but I gained an extension to my family.


Their excitement and encouragement for their clients never seem to fade. Without question, I knew that Smith Publicity looked out for me.  All these things I could never put a price tag on. Working with Dan and his staff was truly a gift. Everyone at Smith Publicity goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. I was honored to have Dan Smith at my wedding and truly it would not have been complete without him–he is what I consider a business partner, a great friend, an advisor and a part of my family. I find myself calling him to share how my day went after my publicity appointments occur. One sunny California day involved calling the office to tell everyone I met Trace Atkins after appearing on The Doctors show. I felt as though I was calling one of my best friends– Dan not only radiates that vibe but also those surrounding him at his office deliver an unbelievable feeling of friendship. Today, I’m still honored to have the privilege to work with Smith Publicity. As my life continues and my dreams keep becoming reality, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side. Ever.

Tiffanie DiDonato

Tiffanie DiDonato appeared on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and The Doctors

DiDonato was born with rare kind of dwarfism, bravely undertook the painful lengthening procedures to add an incredible height of 14 inches before the day of her wedding. By the end of her procedures, she “grew” from 3ft 6in to 4ft 10 inches.

Working with Smith Publicity was an absolute pleasure. Their understanding of the nuances of our project was impressive and they creatively matched pitches with that understanding, garnering just the right types of promotion via just the right outlets. My publicist was the consummate professional, communicating often, clearly, and in a timely fashion. I always knew exactly what was expected of me and things moved forward and came to fruition as planned. I would work with Smith Publicity again any time and will definitely recommend them to my clients as well.

Peter McCarthy is the founder of McCarthy Digital

McCarthy Digital is a consultancy providing breakthrough solutions to trade book publishers and those in the publishing value chain. Previously, McCarthy was Vice President, Executive Director with Penguin Group, Associate Director of Electronic Publishing with The New York Review of Books, and Vice President, Director of Marketing Innovation with Random House, Inc.

A creative, hard-working, and first-class organization. Combine this with proven results and you have what Smith Publicity is all about.

Roland Manarin, President and Founder, Manarin Investment Counsel, Ltd.

Roland Manarin hosts his own radio, is a nationally recognized expert on a variety of  financial and investment issues, and routinely presents free lectures on  investment subjects. He was named as one of America’s top wealth advisors by Barron’s Magazine.

In today’s saturated marketplace, getting noticed is everything. How do you build awareness for a blog devoted to edgy literary criticism and unorthodox political commentary in an age of tabloid headlines? Through a media mix of newspapers, magazines, journals, and online connectivity, Smith Publicity developed national exposure for Dedication and passion yielded ‘eyeballs.’ In one month alone the site had nearly 12,000 ‘hits’ – a major accomplishment given its intellectual content. I am grateful!

Dr. Diana E. Sheets

Dr. Sheets served as Director of the Women’s Center at Princeton University and earned getting Ph.D. in European History with a minor in Literature and Politics from Columbia University. After a stint in corporate America, she decided to write full time and took a position as a Research Scholar in the English and History Departments at the University of Illinois. Dr. Sheets has written two novels, The Cusp of Dreams and American Suite. She currently resides in Champaign, IL where she writes her own literary and political blog.

I liked working with Smith Publicity because they knew what the media wants, and delivered top-quality stories in a professional manner.

David Moye, Wireless Flash News Service