Questions about how Smith Publicity conducts their book marketing campaigns

If I need consulting rather than a full campaign, can Smith Publicity help?

Yes! We offer consulting services for authors at various stages of the publishing process. It can include support in developing a pre- and post-publication plan for the long haul, team brainstorming for book titles and cover designs, advice on website content, Amazon optimization, assistance with Goodreads and other book support services, and many other areas […]

I am interested in securing speaking engagements—does Smith Publicity help with this?

Smith Publicity does not directly pitch for, or arrange, speaking events for our clients. However, we position authors as speakers in press release bio sections, which often helps. We ask authors to share associations and organizations to target. We then reach out to their media arms —magazines, newsletters, blogs, podcasts — and lead with offering […]

Do book promotion campaigns always include book signings?

No. Most of our book promotion campaigns don’t include book signings. We typically recommend signings when they can be part of a more significant event. When authors have events they set up on their own, we often pitch media in the area of the event to secure coverage in advance of the signing or event.

Can you get me interviewed on the Today Show or other major national shows?

The Today Show and other morning and daytime talk/news shows are inundated with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of publicist pitches and books every day. However, the fact is we’ve placed both self-published and traditional authors on these shows numerous times. It’s never easy to get an author on a national TV show, but if your book […]

National, major media coverage is all I want. Can Smith Publicity do that?

In most cases, only focusing on national media is not a wise idea. We always pursue top media for authors, but it’s essential to take advantage of all opportunities in a book publicity campaign. Producers and editors at national outlets are always on the lookout for interesting books and authors covered first by local and […]

Does Smith Publicity offer social media services?

Yes, we do. We have a variety of campaign options for social media. One important part of social media is rebroadcasting the results of publicity campaigns. We encourage authors to populate their social media and websites with publicity placements. They are effective social media content and extend the reach of favorable coverage of your book. […]

How do you pitch media?

Publicists create customized media lists to match the topic of a book, and then reach out to both established contacts and others. At Smith, we personalize most pitches, so contacts know they weren’t targeted as part of mass distribution. Pitches are typically sent via email; our database lists each contact’s preferred method (i.e., email vs. […]

How many media outlets are contacted during a book marketing campaign?

The number of media to be contacted during a campaign depends on the type of book. For a niche book, the outreach may be specialized; but, for books with a more general appeal, good book promoters contact a long list of media. In an excellent book marketing campaign, it’s not necessarily the quantity of media […]