Questions about author’s roles in their book publicity campaigns.

Do I have to provide you with copies of my book for a campaign?

Yes, we need a supply of books to provide media contacts that express interest. The amount depends on the length of the campaign and can range from 25 to 75. If you have ARC’s (Advance Review Copies) before the release date and we are promoting your book before release, we will need copies of these […]

What needs to be in place for me to begin a book or e-book marketing campaign with Smith Publicity?

If your book is published and available for purchase, you’re ready to begin! If we are working with Advance Review Copies (ARCs) or galleys, we can start several months before a book is available for purchase so we can target long lead time media (i.e., monthly magazines) and trade publications. When your campaign is ready […]

Is it necessary for me to travel during my book publicity or e-book marketing campaign?

Not usually. The vast majority of radio interviews can be conducted from the comfort of your office or home, and editors of magazines and newspapers will either e-mail you questions or set up a time to speak. The only travel required is for television interviews – nationally, regionally, and locally. National TV interviews can often […]

When my campaign is over, what happens?

When your campaign ends, and you choose not to extend your agreement, we provide you with all the contact information for media who expressed interest in you or your book. It enables you to conduct your own follow up with these important contacts. Also, if a media representative contacts us about you after your campaign […]

Is it necessary to meet with my publicist in person?

No, it isn’t necessary to meet your publicist in person; however, we welcome clients to visit our main office in Cherry Hill, NJ. Technology and platforms such as Skype often make it possible to build a rapport with your publicist without ever leaving your home or office. We work with authors from around the world.

How much time will I need to devote to my campaign?

Generally speaking, aside from taking part in the media opportunities we secure, your book publicity campaign does not require much of your time. We do ask many authors, depending on the book, to write bylined articles for pitches to media. In larger campaigns, we handle virtually everything — from media requests, and sending out books, […]

How much is an author involved in publicity strategy?

The most effective campaigns are ones where authors and publicists have regular communication/conversations to brainstorm ideas, media angles, current news, statistics, etc. We are experts in positioning authors for media attention. Our clients are experts in understanding their book/topic. Together, it is a powerful combination for attracting media attention. We also want our clients to […]