Questions from authors about working with Smith book publicists.

How much time will my publicist work each week on my book marketing campaign?

It varies week by week. One week a publicist may spend many hours researching angles, media lists, personally pitching, and assessing what is working best. The next week might be fielding requests and questions from the media. There’s no set number of hours required to implement a book marketing campaign effectively; it is a fluid, […]

Is there a set number of authors/campaigns a publicist handles?

No, there isn’t. The number of campaigns a publicist can effectively implement varies because some book marketing programs are more complex and multi-layered, while others focus on specific media segments.

How will I know what my publicist is doing?

Smith Publicity authors receive weekly written updates describing the work that was completed during the week, what media responded, and plans for the next week. Also, during the campaign, authors hear from publicists regularly to schedule interviews, calls, etc. Publicists and authors need to be in frequent contact.

Do Smith Publicity publicists have personal media contacts?

Yes, all of our publicists have developed and cultivated personal media contacts. Moreover, as a team, all contacts publicists develop are shared with other members of our book marketing team.

I’d like to talk with the publicist who will handle my campaign. Is this possible?

At Smith Publicity, we try to match every client with a publicist who possesses skillsets that align with the book and author’s goals. To help maintain an orderly workflow and balance among projects, we assign publicists to projects only after an author or publisher has signed an agreement with us. In some circumstances, however, we […]

Will there only be one person involved with a publicity campaign, or does my publicist have support?

One of the advantages of hiring a firm such as Smith Publicity is that there are multiple layers of backup should your primary publicist be away from work for any reason. With one or two-person publicity shops, any absence can create problems with a campaign. At Smith, each book has a dedicated team, including a […]