Podcast: Non-Profit Publisher Discusses Amplifying Marginalized Voices

The Smith Publicity All Things Book Marketing podcast explores all facets of book publicity and book marketing with expert guests sharing vital information for authors, industry professionals and publishers.Host Mike Onorato speaks with Joshua Demarest, Executive Director at CatStone Books. CatStone Books is a non-profit publishing company that specializes in publishing minority voices in speculative fiction. In addition to publishing novels, CatStone publishes the pro-rate short fiction market Pharos Magazine. CatStone offers the annual Samuel R. Delany Fellowship, a $10,000 grant to one author per year from a diverse background. They also run a school donation program that gives away over 1500 books to teachers and school libraries in impoverished districts across the U.S., as well as Wink BC, a book club for blind and visually impaired readers.