The Smith Publicity staff works collaboratively; sharing ideas and exploring multiple approaches to provide the absolute best client service, outside the box creative solutions, and results.

Our pool of talent draws from a wide range of personal and professional skills, from journalists, authors, editors, marketing executives, radio producers, actors, TV anchor/hosts, to a college basketball player!

The hallmark of our approach–creativity, flexibility, professionalism and a well-known work ethic–will serve you well. We hope to develop a long-term relationship with each client.

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Photo of Dan Smith
Dan Smith
856-489-8654 x101
Photo of Sandra Poirier Smith
Sandra Poirier Smith
856-489-8654 x301
Photo of Corinne Moulder
Corinne Moulder
Vice President, Business Development
856-489-8654 x309
Photo of Marissa Eigenbrood
Marissa Eigenbrood
Vice President
856-489-8654 x314
Photo of Mike Onorato
Mike Onorato
Vice President of Publicity Services
856-489-8654, ext. 304
Photo of Janet Shapiro
Janet Shapiro
Director of Publicity
856-489-8654 x320
Photo of Sarah Miniaci
Sarah Miniaci
Senior Publicist/Genre Leader-Business Development Associate - Canada
856-489-8654 x329
Photo of Mallory Campoli
Mallory Campoli
Publicity Manager - Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x313
Photo of Michela DellaMonica
Michela DellaMonica
Publicity Manager - Book Publicist
856-489-8654 ext. 318
Photo of Erin MacDonald-Birnbaum
Erin MacDonald-Birnbaum
Senior Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x302
Photo of Andrea Kiliany Thatcher
Andrea Kiliany Thatcher
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 319
Photo of Sarah Gilbert
Sarah Gilbert
Business Development Manager - Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x317
Photo of Nicole Ballengee
Nicole Ballengee
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext 335
Photo of Bella Asher
Bella Asher
Office Manager
856-489-8654, ext. 306
Photo of Emma Boyer
Emma Boyer
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 305
Photo of Lindsey Brodowski
Lindsey Brodowski
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 328
Photo of Naz Hashmi
Naz Hashmi
856-489-8654 x104
Photo of Kristi Hughes
Kristi Hughes
Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x322
Photo of Courtney Link
Courtney Link
Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x331
Photo of Sophia Moriarty
Sophia Moriarty
Book Publicist & Social Media Specialist
856-489-8654, ext. 325
Photo of Jane Reilly
Jane Reilly
Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x321
Photo of Kellie Rendina
Kellie Rendina
Business Development Associate
856-489-8654, ext. 315
Photo of Katie Schnack
Katie Schnack
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 330
Photo of Joelle Speranza
Joelle Speranza
Book Publicist
856-489-8654, ext. 333
Photo of Jennifer Tucker
Jennifer Tucker
Book Publicist
856-489-8654 x303
Photo of Noel Walton
Noel Walton
Project Coordinator


Smith Publicity is always looking for talented publicists with strong writing skills, solid media relationships and outstanding client service.

If you are interested, please email No calls, please.