Smith Publicity specializes in publicity for books, authors, and publishers, but our capabilities are wide-ranging. We are in fact a full-service public relations agency available to represent individuals, corporations, and organizations to generate positive media coverage. In the past, we’ve implemented PR campaigns for the publishing industry’s largest self-publishing company, entrepreneurs, inventors, alternative energy companies, and more. From publicity and communications to media training, crisis management, and special events, we cover it all. We are strategic, proactive, and experienced. Our media contacts are second to none, and we also provide consulting for social media and website content.

“Thanks to the hard work of Smith Publicity and 110% dedication, my daughter Taylor’s legacy will live on and help other families and loved ones. I strongly recommend this company because they treat you like family.”

John J. McCormack, leader for patient’s rights and “Taylor’s Law.”

Beyond Book PR, What Is Public Relations in General?

Public relations is more than merely attracting media coverage. PR is the strategic positioning of a company, non-profit, entrepreneur, inventor, etc. to cultivate a positive image for the public and vertical markets, utilizing media and other informational vehicles, It can also include crisis management, advanced cultivation of positive imagery for future projects, and coordinated communications campaigns.

PR campaigns can blend publicity, marketing, and advertising strategies, all coordinated to generate positive imaging and branding. The exponential growth of online communications has added significant additional dimensions to public relations practice, and we’re ahead of the curve. For example, we provide strategic social media consulting to help start up social channels and build a following. We began supporting our clients with social media content as part of author branding projects, and today it has grown to be a significant segment of our practice. We have resources and reach that go beyond our competitors, and we continue to expand our capabilities.

Personality Cultivation: PR for Experts and Authors

Smith Publicity has helped a wide range of subject-matter experts, including many non-fiction authors, expand their national name recognition. Our thoughtfully structured public relations campaigns and online PR services are designed to make people well-known, go-to information resources for the media. Watch virtually any national news or feature television show or read articles exploring specific subjects, and you will notice experts interviewed and quoted. This sort of personal PR creates opportunities – from lucrative partnerships with individuals or companies to new clients and speaking invitations.

We coined the phrase “personality cultivation” because it matches our public relations campaign strategies for

Sandy Smith - Personality Cultivation: PR for Experts and Authors - Smith Publicity.

Sandy Smith

individuals. We begin by warming up our client experts with local and regional media. The next step is to groom them to build relationships with the media. Over time they progress from local and regional media to national and international outlets. We help accentuate all that makes them unique, and we keep going until the media begins calling. In time, the cumulative effect of our platform development will establish them as experts and leaders in their fields.

Public Relations for Corporate Clients

Due in large part to our success as a publicity firm and marketer for books and authors, we had requests to expand our practice to include corporate communications. Media relations is our core strength, but we offer a complete range of services. We’re equally experienced and capable of media pitching as we are with a content strategy for the digital space, including social media. The coverage we can bring will improve the visibility, credibility, and perceptions of virtually any corporation.

“When I first met with Dan Smith and his staff, I knew without doubt it was their compassion for my project and dedication to my cause that made them the PR Company I was blessed to have found. What their staff did and the work ethic they showed were far more than I realized, until I witnessed it first hand, as a client. I know I could not have found a better team. Thank you Smith Publicity.”

Bill Thiel, Founder of Maureen’s Mission

Because of our experience with intense and fast-moving book publicity campaigns, our approach is more nimble and quicker than most general PR firms. When it comes to winning your coverage, our proactive approach can make a significant difference. We do more than get news coverage for a company; we tell its story in a compelling, newsworthy manner. Many firms can distribute a media release about a new product; but, developing genuine media and consumer interest requires skilled, nuanced, media relations. Smith Publicity has extensive databases of media contacts, and the relationships it takes to get you in the news.

PR for Nonprofit Organizations

Imagine the benefits Smith Publicity’s non-publicity clients enjoyed when featured on the cover of Parade magazine and People? These cover stories helped propel the clients to national recognition. The future of any nonprofit organization relies on visibility that supports its work – and fundraising. It’s why retaining a top public relations firm for nonprofits is essential to success.
Our people also profoundly understand that nonprofits benefit from highlighting the valuable services and advocacy they provide – making them newsworthy and presenting their stories well. It’s this kind of thinking that allows us to cultivate favorable media coverage far above what may have been done before. Often it works to highlight human-interest elements that become powerful and interesting stories the media wants to tell. Board members and benefactors alike will be pleased to see that their contributions are translating into vital work that helps people.

Whatever Your PR Need, Contact Smith Publicity

From book and author marketing to personal publicity, corporate communications, and PR for nonprofit organizations, we handle it all. Smith Publicity is your number-one resource for media relations and public relations. Contact us through our website or call today to find out more about how we can help you with publicity and PR services.