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Smith Publicity’s Self- Help Book Promoters Are THE Best in the Industry!

Fact: All of us need some kind of help in our lives! So when it comes to book publicity and book marketing, members of the media are typically very responsive to self-help books and authors. Self-help authors are ideal for radio and TV interviews and as expert sources for newspaper, magazine, broadcast, and Internet media outlets. Self-help authors are experts who provide useful, meaningful, and important information to listeners and readers, which is precisely what producers and editors look for in guests.

Book Publicity and Marketing:
Establishing Self-help Authors as Experts

Everyone is looking for some kind of help! This is why self-help books are very well-suited for book marketing. The key is to differentiate you and your book from others in the genre, and this is what we do for you to attract maximum media interest. Smith Publicity has secured more high-level media placements for self-help and lifestyle authors than any other firm in the industry. Our publicist’s personal contacts are unmatched, and we routinely place author sin the self-help and lifestyle genres on top shows such as the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox, etc. 

The self-help “genre” encompasses many areas, from health and wellness and personal finance to spirituality and many more. For each type of book, Smith Publicity custom designs campaigns to reach specific media markets based on topic and, in most cases, general interest media as well. We promote self-help authors as experts because they have a book to prove it. As we like to say, “You are what we say you are,” and the media will usually call you the same thing…this is the beauty of book publicity.

The Author is as Important as the Book
When it Comes to Publicity

Our clients are sometimes surprised when we explain that we want to promote them as much as, and sometimes more than, their books. Why do we do this? A popular Smith Publicity refrain is “No one wants to interview a book.” Particularly for radio and TV, producers want engaging guests–people on the air who will help members of their audience. Learn more about why authors should want publicity.

If you have a self-help book, and you’re willing to “get out there” in the public eye, chances are Smith Publicity’s book promoters can help you.

Sample Case Study, Denise Dudley
Author of Work It: Get In, Get Noticed, Get Promoted

Denise has been with Smith Publicity since May of 2017, and our publicity team has been able to maintain outstanding results over one and one-half years! From TV and radio to newspapers, magazine and online coverage, we’ve secured more than 100 media placements for Denise.

Work It! Get In, Get Noticed, Get Promoted

I’m a researcher by nature, and I did some pretty thorough research on publicity companies before I chose Smith Publicity for my latest book launch. And holy Mackerel, did I choose the right group! I could not be happier with the results. Within three short (and busy) months, I’ve been featured on four television segments in major markets, I’ve been on three radio shows, I’ve been quoted in countless newspapers and magazines, my book has been reviewed by six blogger book reviewers, and I’ve had more than a dozen articles published—all because of Smith Publicity! The best part, though? As with most things, it’s the people. The staff at Smith Publicity are, hands down, the most professional, competent, positive, sweet, caring, and downright fun people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Smith Publicity will forevermore be my go-to company for all my publicity needs. Thanks, Smith Publicity, for all that you do for me!

Watch Denise’s video testimonial here.