Non-Fiction Book Marketing Services

Non-fiction books are ideal for book publicity campaigns and promotional services as they provide practical information and clear, strong, pitching platforms. From self-help, political, and historical to new age, spirituality, and a myriad of other non-fiction genres, the media responds well to non-fiction books when they are presented in a clear, persuasive, and compelling manner. This is where Smith Publicity shines; we know what the media wants and how to present it!

Radio and TV show producers as well as feature writers and editors at newspapers and magazines want to provide information to their viewers and readers that can improve lives, educate, entertain, create controversy, or shed new or interesting light on events or people.

With Smith Publicity's non-fiction book marketing and book publicity services, you'll get a team that zeroes in on the most compelling aspects of the book, and use angles and proven book marketing and e-book publicity tactics to secure media exposure.

Author Marketing for Non-Fiction Writers

When it comes to broadcast interviews, we say, “No one wants to interview a book.” It’s the person behind the book who matters. Exposure for the author inevitably equates to exposure for the book, and vice-versa. In many of our services and campaigns, promoting the author is as important - if not more important - than promoting the book.

Media, both print and broadcast, look for experts and authors who can offer information that is informative, useful, controversial, humorous, enlightening or simply interesting. Watch an interview on TV, or listen to an interview on talk radio. What do you see or hear? Dull, mundane conversation or to-the-point, compelling, interesting, etc. discussion? This is why non-fiction book marketing campaigns can be extremely successful and robust, with a wide variety of coverage including broadcast interviews, feature stories, expert commentary, book reviews, byline articles, and much more.

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An author of any non-fiction book, whether he or she realizes it or not, is an expert on the subject of their book. Why? They will be perceived that way because they wrote a book on the topic. Put simply: In book marketing and book publicity –you are what we say you are! If an author is presented and promoted as an expert, media will often refer to him or her as exactly that. We ask authors to leave humbleness or shyness “at the door” when we launch a campaign…we do everything possible, using our diverse arsenal of book promotion services and author PR services, to make our authors household names!