In 2022 Smith Publicity is holding a free six-session book marketing webinar series. It’s part of Smith Publicity’s commitment to making helpful book marketing services and publicity knowledge available online to authors, publishers, and others involved in our field.

Each session will be led by a veteran Smith Publicity executive and a cover a range of book publicity and marketing topics of value for authors and publishers. Knowledge is power in the highly competitive book industry, and education empowers authors, publishers and anyone involved in book publishing to stand out from the crowd.

Save the Date For Our Next Webinar on April 26, 2023, at 2 pm (EST).


Past Webinars

One of the areas authors often want to know more about is bookstores: how to work with them, how to get their book onto store shelves, what goes into a successful store-hosted author event, and more.

In this exciting and informative session, you’ll receive valuable insight into these topics from two industry experts with different and crucial perspectives: Lynn Rosen, Barnes & Noble manager and founder of Open Book indie bookstore, and Kristine Peyre-Ferry, Director of Distribution at Greenleaf Book Group.

Our guest experts will share their experiences working with authors, best practices, and answers to the most frequently asked questions they receive. Don’t miss this opportunity to go behind the scenes of bookstores!

Our dynamic publicity managers gather for an open discussion on what they’ve observed over the past year in the world of book marketing, new industry trends, and what they predict for the year ahead. Plus, they answer YOUR top book publicity questions!

A unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of book publicity, please join us for this kick off to the new year that will leave you feeling up-to-date about the current landscape of book marketing and how to best market your book, and motivated to accomplish your goals in 2023 and beyond.

Smith Publicity’s October 2022 webinar focuses on best practices for speaking at events, and how can to consistently tie your message back to your book. How can they find and secure the right representation to help bring their speaking career to the next level?

What Media Wants: An Inside Look Into What Makes for Successful Book and Author Coverage –  July 27th, 2022

Smith Publicity’s July 2022 webinar focuses on how media outlets choose which authors and books they cover. As one of the most effective mediums in the book publishing industry today, books and authors who receive media attention generally have greater success in reaching their target audiences. Join our speakers as they discuss strategies and tactics to get your book noticed by the media when you publish and begin a publicity campaign for your book.

Monetizing Your Thought Leadership: Driving Income Beyond Book Sales – May 25th, 2022

Making money from book sales is often the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how non-fiction authors generate income from writing a book. This informative webinar explores specific ways authors and thought leaders make money beyond book sales. Attendees learn about building visibility with target audiences through publicity, but also critical next steps: once people learn about what you do, how can you create ways to monetize your content?

Building a Successful Indie Publishing Team: How and When to Get StartedMarch 30th, 2022

This enlightening webinar identifies the pillars of an indie publishing team and tips to maximize book launch results through partner collaboration. From design to production to publicity, hiring the right team—and one that works well together—helps authors, publishers, and service providers alike prepare and execute a winning publication plan while following a “traditional” model on their own terms. Complete with insider perspective from seasoned industry professionals, this session touches on how and when to engage and activate your publishing team, tips to ensure collaboration and communication across team members, and top considerations for cohesive strategy.

Developing Your Author BrandJan. 26th, 2022

In this informative webinar, attendees will learn about building their author brand: from identifying (and applying!) their unique selling propositions to what social media platforms they should be active on and much more. Attendees will walk away with a thorough understanding of why establishing their author brand is so important and how doing so can help them sell more than just books.