Lessons from 5 Authors Who Put TikTok to Good Use

As the fastest-growing social media platform in 2022, TikTok can no longer be dismissed as a frivolous platform where people make dance videos. With a growing tribe of readers (#BookTok), Tiktok is a great place for authors to gain popularity, showcase their books, and build a loyal community of readers. In fact, publishing industry trends […]

Fiction Publicity Campaigns: Open Book with Publicity Manager Andrea Kiliany Thatcher

Smith Publicity’s Manager for the Arts & Entertainment team, Andrea Kiliany Thatcher, discusses the logistics of and angles for fiction campaigns on our new Open Book series. Learn a bit about the differences between fiction and non-fiction publicity and what success can look like for your novel by tuning in! The Open Book series airs […]

New Podcast Episode: Digital Strategy and Optimization with Pubvendo’s Josh Schwartz

On the latest podcast episode, Pubvendo’s Josh Schwartz dives into digital strategy and optimization by discussing how data can inform language, advertising, audience engagement, and platform growth.  Olivia: Welcome to another episode of All Things Book Marketing. Today I’m with my cohost Corinne Moulder and we have special guest Josh Schwartz. Joshua Schwartz is the […]

2022 Smith Publicity Book Marketing Scholarship Winner Announced

As Book Publicists, We Recognize Persuasive Writing Congratulations to Eve Jensen, NYU class of 2023, who has been named the recipient of Smith Publicity’s 2022 book marketing scholarship. We honor and recognize her for persuasive writing, which is helpful in our pitches and book publicity campaigns daily. For years, Smith Publicity has offered a book […]

The book publicists at Smith Publicity, Inc in Cherry Hill, NJ

Video: Our Book Marketing Services and Staff

Learn More About Our Book Publicity Professionals Watch our Smith Publicity introductory video to meet our team and learn more about the unique marketing services we offer. Our book publicists are ready to promote your book with exclusive techniques and methods that we’ve perfected for every genre. Whether your work is self-published or from a […]

How and Why Podcasts Benefit Authors

Not Your Average Interview: The Many Advantages of Podcasts Welcome back to Smith Publicity’s Industry Innovations Series! In this new 12-part blog series, the Smith Publicity team will explore various industry-related topics: from the evolution of self-publishing to the explosion of podcasts to social media and how it’s changed book marketing and much more. Each […]

Book marketing webinar series "What Media Wants" about book and author promotion.

How the Media Decides What Books to Cover – Book Marketing Webinar

What to learn more about how the media chooses which books and authors to cover? If yes, it’s as easy as attending the Smith Publicity webinar “What Media Wants: An Inside Look Into What Makes for Successful Book and Author Coverage” on July 27 at 2 p.m. EST. You can register and attend the hour-long […]

Partnering with Smith Publicity: Open Book with Business Development Coordinator Samantha Ricchiuti

Smith Publicity’s Business Development Coordinator Samantha Ricchiuti joins host Olivia McCoy for the first episode of our new Open Book series. Samantha discusses what goes into a great publicity partnership and how best to prepare your book for those beginning conversations. You can follow Samantha on Instagram @samricchiuti.   The Open Book series will continue […]

New Podcast Episode: How to Leverage Reach to Create the Biggest Possible Audience, with expert Becky Robinson

Becky Robinson, author of “Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause,” joins host Olivia McCoy to discuss how to build an audience for your brand, grow your reach, and create influence as an author.   Becky Robinson is the Founder and CEO of Weaving Influence, a full-service marketing agency that […]

3 Design Elements that Make Books Easier to Read

By Jenny Engwer, FriesenPress For many people, the terms book design and book cover design are interchangeable. It’s not surprising — cliches like “don’t judge a book by its cover” exist for a reason, after all — but many assume a designer’s impact is limited to the book’s exterior. The inside of the book is […]