New Podcast Episode: Data-informed Technical and Creative Book Promotion With Pete McCarthy

Dan talks with an old Smith Publicity friend, Pete McCarthy. Pete, a renowned and widely respected publishing industry thought leader, discusses a fascinating and important aspect of publishing that every author and publisher should know – data. He explains elements of book marketing and promotion many don’t consider such as using industry metrics and book […]

Long-Term Success: The Enduring Impact of a Book Marketing Campaign

Book Marketing Can Lead to Ongoing Publicity Opportunities There’s no question that things can move very quickly during an active book publicity and marketing campaign. Especially surrounding the launch date of a new book, there is typically a flurry of activity, and authors can expect to be kept quite busy for the duration of their […]

Authors: Grow Your Brand, Audience, Expert Reputation and Sell Books With Podcast Interviews

As an author, you pour yourself into the stories and lessons you share with others. You have invested countless hours into your creation. Your book is soon to published, and you are ready to celebrate.

Convey Your Message Like a Pro to Media and Audiences: New Podcast with Communications Expert Beth Levine

Renowned communications expert Beth Noymer Levine talks with Dan Smith in an engaging, insightful and fun interview. She offers essential tips for authors, experts and anyone trying to convey messages how to effectively engage audiences for maximum impact. From media interviews and public speaking to motivating and connecting with colleagues and employees, Beth provides indispensable […]

How to Market a Self-Published Book. Marketing strategies from the pros.

Book Publishing and Media Trends

Print books are strong, people are spending time reading (even older titles!) and media outlets are experimenting with strategies to get more of your time. It’s no secret the worlds of publishing and media are ever evolving, and this has never been more true than today. The pandemic pushed already emerging trends for publishers and […]

All About Book Awards: A Q&A with Doug Fogelson of The National Indie Excellence Awards

Among the questions authors often ask is, “should I apply for book awards?” They are interested in learning whether book awards are worth trying to get, what the submission process is typically like, how their book will be judged (and who does the judging!), what the longer-lasting effects of winning a book award may be, […]

Portrait of Josh Steimle who is an expert about the marketing value of books.

New Podcast Episode: Your Book as a Powerful Business Marketing Tool

In this episode, Dan Smith speaks with renowned entrepreneur, speaker, and publishing consultant Josh Steimle. They discuss how entrepreneurs, consultants, and business owners of all types can write and publish a book and use it to enhance their expert brand, attract new clients, secure speaking engagements, and much more. Other discussion points cover how to […]

How to write books in the experience of a multi-award-winning author.

Multi-Award Winning Author Shares Her Writing Process and Tips

By Cheryl Campbell I’ve written a few lines of poems (none are complete), several short stories (none are complete), one novelette (complete but not released), and eight novels spread among two series (seven are released and one is pending release in November). I’ve never tried writing songs or other varieties of the written word, so […]

Infographic about advanced book marketing strategies.

10 Advanced Book Marketing Strategies | Grow Your Audience, Boost Sales

By Stephanie Chandler, CEO, Nonfiction Authors Association There is plenty of information about marketing books, though not every strategy works for every author or book. Also, it takes time to implement each new tactic and determine how well it’s working. It is not uncommon for new authors to feel a bit overwhelmed by all of […]

Meet Smith Publicity’s New Vice President of Publicity

Janet Shapiro is the Now Vice President of Publicity Ms. Shapiro has progressed through the company as an integral member of the team for over 12 years, most recently serving as Director of Publicity Services. “Janet is a dynamic, innovative, and charismatic leader whose talents will help elevate Smith to even higher levels of outstanding […]