3 Key Steps To Begin Mastering LinkedIn Thought Leadership

By Rachael Robertson In the whirlwind of today’s business environment, there’s one surefire way to make a lasting impression: carving out your niche as a thought leader in your industry. And what better place to do this than on LinkedIn, with its staggering network of over 1 billion members worldwide? This platform offers a prime […]

New Podcast Episode: Expert Commentary as a Thought Leader with Chris Baker

What is expert commentary and how does it help authors? Expert commentary is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. We’re positioning the author as an expert in whatever field it is that they find themselves an expert in—whether that’s AI, climate change, etc. Reporters will reach out, looking for experts to help flesh out […]

Highlights from Smith Publicity’s Behind the Bestseller Webinar

We were thrilled to see such an incredible interest in our first webinar of 2024, Behind the Bestseller: A Look at the Inner Workings and Evolving Nature of Bestseller Lists, so we’ve rounded up some of the most salient point for your perusal!  You can learn more about our panelist, Andrea Jo DeWerd, at ajdewerd.com and connect on LinkedIn, Instagram, […]

New Podcast Episode: Become an Amazon Bestseller with Chelsea Richards

Most authors know about the big bestseller lists with the New York Times and USA Today, but many are missing out on the much more reachable goal of Amazon Bestseller status. Luckily, Chelsea Richards, the Marketing Manager at Greenleaf Book Group, joins this episode of All Things Book Marketing to dive into what it means […]

Smith Myth: 3 Myths About Bestseller Lists

By Janet Shapiro and Sarah Westergren In the publishing world, what author doesn’t dream of achieving some form of bestseller status? While some books may hit the bestseller list organically, there are approaches that can “up your odds.” For example, a well-prepared book launch strategy can lead to a more effective outcome for you and […]

New Podcast Episode: Becoming a Bestseller with Author Selena Rezvani

Here at Smith Publicity we are always thrilled to see our authors succeed! Selena Rezvani began working with us in 2023 just before her book, Quick Confidence, was published and the whole office was able to celebrate her instant bestseller with her, which was a treat. In this episode, Selena walks us through her publishing […]

Upcoming Webinar: Behind the Bestseller

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look Into the Workings of Bestseller Lists Bestseller lists have long been a publishing industry fixture and a major goal for authors, the shiny pinnacle of a mountain made up of many other challenges and accomplishments. But in recent times, bestseller lists have been in flux — from the hiatus and re-emergence […]

Advice for Young Publishing Professionals: Open Book with Publicist Shannon Donaghy

There’s no doubt that publishing is an ever-evolving and rapidly growing industry, which makes it an exciting place to work as a young professional. Smith Publicity’s Book Publicist and Social Media Strategist, Shannon Donaghy, joins us in our latest Open Book episode to share valuable advice with young professionals entering the publishing space. Read on […]

3 Book Marketing Red Flags

By Olivia McCoy There aren’t many certainties the publishing world can offer, but one consistent truth is that at some point after announcing your book, you will almost certainly be contacted with various marketing offers. Some of these offers are absolutely genuine and worth looking into to help promote your book to your ideal readers. […]

New Podcast Episode: Hitting Your BIG Book Goals in 2024 with Aryn Van Dyke

It’s hard to believe that the year is already coming to a close, and with that, the opportunity to plan with excitement for a new year ahead. The beginning of a brand new year symbolizes a fresh start, and our podcast guest Aryn Van Dyke, book marketing consultant and author coach, knows it’s the perfect […]