Podcasts Are Booming! Promoting Your Book With Podcasts in 2021 and Beyond

It’s hard to believe that the first podcast was recorded close to two decades ago. Especially in the past five years, podcasts have become a key part of our media outreach efforts to promote authors and books. There are currently 850,000 active podcasts, 30,000,000 episodes, and over half of the population of the United States […]

So You Want to Write A Book? Here Are 4 Top Tips for Creating a Marketable Manuscript

by Brian Cliffen, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, FriesenPress Do you have a book within you that’s just waiting to get out? Whether you’re just starting to dip your pen in the ink or are dotting the final i’s on your completed manuscript, every author’s path toward publishing is unique. Some will find the words just […]

Get to Know… Mike Onorato – VP of Publicity Services

1.) How long have you been with Smith Publicity, and what is your role at the company?  I’ve been with Smith for 4 years. In my role as VP of Publicity, I oversee all our campaigns and clients, manage media relations, set strategy and brainstorm with our team on newsworthy angles. I also host our […]

Book Launches in the Virtual World and eBook Promos

In this episode, ee talk with Corrin Foster, Director of Marketing and Branding at Greenleaf Book Group, about virtual book launches, eBook promos and connecting with booksellers.

5 Tips to Be a “Go-to” Media Source

Read almost any article, and you’ll notice quotes peppered throughout the piece by experts. The quotes will be attributed to the expert and often list their title, company name, and/or book title, if they have one. As an author, providing commentary to media contacts that are putting together relevant pieces on your topic of expertise […]

Dan Smith and Sandy Smith Featured on “The Premise” Podcast

Dan Smith and Sandy Smith were recently interviewed on “The Premise” podcast, the official podcast of The San Diego Writers Festival. “The Premise” is hosted by Jennifer Thompson and Chad Thompson, the founders of Monkey C Media, a creative agency that helps authors and speakers bring their ideas to life. Sixteen years of working with storytellers has […]

Smith Publicity Increases Staff By Six

Five New Publicity Team Members, Business Development Coordinator Added to Keep Smith Publicity Poised for Continued Growth. Smith Publicity, one of the leading book marketing firms in the world today, has announced six new hires. Five expand its publicity services team and the sixth adds to the business development department. “Despite the significant challenges 2020 […]

New Podcast: How to Work with a Book Distributor

In this episode, we talk with Bailey Davis of Ingram Content Group about key questions a publisher should answer before entering a contract with a distributor, some of the services that a distributor can provide and activities and initiatives a publisher should keep their distributor updated on. Bailey started her career at Ingram in the […]

Book Marketing Tip: Give Your Book Away

by Corrin Foster Director of Marketing and Branding  Greenleaf Book Group Authors often ask me for my top book marketing tip – what one thing should they be absolutely certain they do to support the launch of their book – and the answer never fails to horrify (authors) and delight (me, a book marketer). Give […]

How to Find Your Author Support Group

Writing a book is a process that can be both exhilarating and exhausting; after all, an extraordinary amount of time, energy, thought, money, and effort go into it! With all that’s involved, authors often underestimate one crucial element: the author support group. What is an author support group? It’s the group of people you find […]